Scale Problems

I have to keep telling myself this. I’ve become frustrated at the number on the scale. It has relatively stayed the same for two weeks. It might drop a few points down; but then jump right back up the next day. GRRRRR! I know I have to be persistent with my diet and exercise though. Consistency is key with fitness. This week of exercise disappointmented me; because I skipped two days. Last week I was able to get out everyday for a run and figure in a little body weight strength training. However, on Monday the weather looked like it was going to storm at any second (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve loaded the kids in the BOB^2 just for it to come a pour down a mile from the house), so I decided to stay in and clean the house. Tuesday and Wednesday I had great runs with body weight exercises at the end. Thursday I woke up with my left knee feeling tender and slightly inflamed. I took that day off, hoping by the evening it would feel better. Unfortunately it didn’t. I have arthritic knees. They tend to get stiff and achy before rainy or cool weather. They pop and crack. (I can’t sneak up on anyone…You’ll hear me coming.) I’ve been dealing with knee issues since middle school. Doctors always tell me to rest and prescribe extra strength Tylenol. So, this year I’ve began to try essential oils, a more holistic approach, rather than reaching for a pill bottle. (I’ve cut out allergy medications, any headache or soreness medications, and even cold type medications!) I use Young Living oils, and last night decided to see what is used for joint pain. I saw most people use Panaway. It is a combination of a few oils, but the main is wintergreen. I rubbed two drops on my knee and behind and propped my leg up to rest. I noticed it felt a little better when I went upstairs for bed. This morning it felt much better. I didn’t want to take another day off, so I loaded up the kid in BOB^2 to go to the park. I kept my pace at a brisk walk, with some slow jogging thrown in there. I did a total of 3.8 miles. I immediately rubbed Panaway on it again. My knee feels a little tender with certain turning type movements, but overall still good. I will apply another couple of drops tonight before bed again. These oils continue to amaze me.

I’m unable to run tomorrow because I have a hair appointment first thing in the morning. I want to do a full body strength workout at the very least in the evening. I also need to buy groceries so we will have food too. A mom’s/wife’s job is never done. Actually, I still need to plan our weekly menu. GAHHHH! 

If you are struggling with that number on the scale, don’t be discouraged. Make a healthy diet and working out a consistent routine. Try changing up your workout, if you focus on cardio, try strength training and vice versa. Something as simple as that could jumpstart that scale number to drop. Also, if you find yourself stressed out a lot…the Queen of Stressed Out right here…mediating or Yoga might help you reduce your cortisol levels (the stress hormone) to help your body break down those fat cells. 

You can do this! 

Storms Are Coming

The storms have finally caught up to us in Savannah. I would like to say that I never experienced anything like the meme above….but that would be a lie. Everyone would run to the doors and windows, or onto the porch to see if they could see the tornado. True story. And we wonder why rednecks die comical deaths. Meanwhile, every time I hear thunder, I hear Garth Brooks’ lyrics “the thunder rolls and the lightening strikes”. 90’s country kid problems. 😂 It was supposed to rain all day; however, the storms lingered in Alabama. While the weather was so nice, I went on a 4 mile run. It was so humid! I never know when I will get the chance to workout, so I find a window and take it. Of course, my arthritic knees are angry at me for pushing myself so hard to today. Tomorrow I will take an off day to allow them to calm down. I should be better by Friday for a run to the park with the kids. 

I thought about posting my baby apron bib craft progress on here tonight. Although, I think it would be easier to post the pictures as more of a tutorial in case you want to try your hand at it. I’ve measured LB and made my own pattern. I had to redo the pattern to account for his chunky cheeks/neck area and broad shoulders. I’ve also washed and dried the material to account for shrinkage when the bib needs to be washed. Over the weekend I want to iron and cut the material. I need to order some embroidery thread and a few items to begin that as well. I might even sew the front and back piece together. It just depends on the time I can dedicate to it. In 17.5 years, when I become an empty nester, I will have my ultimate craft room (One of the kids’ rooms) and all the time to craft. Hehe! 

I’m going to bed early. I’m sure SassyPants will find her way into our bed tonight. There is no sleeping with her, just endless talking about how fun sleeping with us is. ALL. NIGHT. LONG. LB doesn’t wake up for nothing. Once he is asleep, he is out. Just like his father. I wish I could sleep so soundly. I forecast lots of coffee for me tomorrow. 

Stay safe friends!


Mondays are supposed to be about the midwifery bills, I know, but there still isn’t any new news to report. However, South Dakota just had their midwifery bill signed last week. They are the 32nd state to make Certified Professional Midwives available to all South Dakota women. I am hopeful this year Alabama will be the 33rd state to offer CPMs for better birth options. 

On Friday, I planned on using the weekend to do my Spring cleaning and tackling my embroidery machine. Turns out, I did neither. Haha! I was able to workout and go by JoAnn’s to buy some Paw Patrol fabric to appliquĂ© on a birthday shirt. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted. I’m thinking about ordering a yard of a different Paw Patrol print. I have a little issue with the fabric prints I’ve found. I haven’t found any fabric pattern that has both the female and male pups. The one I did, is out of stock. But, come on?! My daughter likes all the Paw Patrol, not just Skye and Everest. She doesn’t want a pink and purple “girly” party. She wants the original colors, like on the tv show; and the entire cast. This is a reoccurring issue for us. She loves astronomy, dinosaurs, and robots. Unless you want to pay hefty prices, there aren’t clothes geared for girls with those images. So, I’m going to start making her skirts and dresses with those patterns. I’m not a fan of allowing her to wear skirts and dresses; unless she wears leggings or shorts underneath. Showing our under garments isn’t modest, in my opinion. Yet she isn’t at an age or maturity level to understand why it is inappropriate to show undies either or be held accountable if she does so. Hence, the leggings or shorts rule. While I’m on the sewing kick, I’m going to make a few apron bibs for LB. Poor guy is drooling all over. He soaks his regular bibs so quickly. I did the same thing for SP when she began teething too. I lost my original pattern. *Sad day* But I am not about to pay for a pattern that I once had for free because the post went viral on Pinterest. (I really cannot stand when people to do that. You offer a free pattern, then decide to put an outrageous price on it after it has gotten some notoriety. It is one thing to began to charge for your newer patterns; but not one that you offered for free…for years.) Now, I am measuring LB to make my custom pattern. He is such a chunky monkey, that it is probably best that I am customizing it. I am hoping I don’t mess this up. I tend to get ambitious with my sewing endeavors. I would also like to appliquĂ© or monogram a few of the bibs too. We shall see… This I Love Lucy meme sums up my sewing knowledge:

Because I didn’t get to my Spring cleaning, I ended up doing that too. Yeah, two kids in the house on a stormy day while cleaning. I don’t know why I do these things to myself. Haha! I did clean the kitchen, sweep, mop, a few loads of laundry, dishes, and vacuum. I say it was a productive day. I still need to clean our bathrooms, ugh. There is always tomorrow, right?

I did it all in my PJs too. I declared today PJ day. SP is all about a day wearing her PJs. She had a great day building skyscrapers with legos, playing with her brother, and watching Octonauts. We also worked on tracing her letters and counting to 30. Now that its after 9 pm…

The kids must have been tired too. They were out like lights, no fussing. A good “momming” day. Of course, it would be nice to be a Disney Princess. Then my animal friends could clean for me.

Spring Cleaning & Recipe

Hello Friday! It is safe to say, I’m excited for the weekend. I’m not doing anything spectacular. Unless you consider cleaning the house spectacular, which most do not. I’m going to give this house a good spring cleaning by vacuuming, cleaning toilets, sweeping, mopping, dusting, windexing, cleaning inside the fridge, and other commonly skipped over areas. I also need to go to Hobby Lobby to buy fabric to practice on my embroidery machine. I want to try my hand at making hooded towels for LB and SP. SP’s birthday is coming up in a month; and she wants an appliquĂ© Paw Patrol shirt. So, yeah, I need to get on that. Haha! I love the idea of sewing. I’m just not good at it. 

 (I can’t get enough of these “hey girl” memes.) Then, I need to run by Cracker Barrel to find Easter/Spring outfits for the kids to wear to church or picture day coming up next week. (Momma been dropping the ball on that stuff!) Of course, there is always the need to buy groceries. I make weekly meal plans. The downside to that is buying fresh fruits and vegetables that will last until Friday. Many don’t. 

Some where among that I will need to workout too. I’m proud of myself. This week I was able to workout every day. I’m trying to jumpstart my metabolism. It really took a hit when I began the Zoloft. I went two months suffering with post-partum depression before I could get an appointment to see a therapist. SHe immediately put me on Zoloft , after I told her I disliked anti-depressants. While the anti-deppressant does help me stop crying, that’s all it does. I still have intense anxiety, depression, easily gain weight, and my other hormones are greatly affected. After two months of rapid weight gain (try 15 pounds!), nausea, extreme tiredness, and other negative side effects; I quit taking them. Not to mention the therapist has cancelled several appointments and I’ve had to wait another month to see her. You know when your therapist adds to your anxiety; y’all need to break up. And that’s what I’m doing. Hopefully, I can find another therapist that will actually help me. The term fitness is commonly associated with physical health; but you also need to be mentally fit too. 

On Monday, I promised a healthy recipe for today. I made Taco Stuffed Bell Peppers with Mexican Street Corn Salad. They were so delicious, that I forgot to take pictures. Oops! I used lean ground beef, throughly cooked it in a skillet, and seasoned it with FlavorGod’s Taco Tuesday. I sliced green bell peppers in half and cleaned out the seeds. I baked the peppers in the oven for 15 mins at 400 degrees F just to brown them a little. This also pulled out a lot of the water, so I was able to drain them before stuffing them. I stuffed them when the ground beef, topped it with a little cheddar cheese. (It’s what I had.) Stuck those bad boys in the oven to melt the cheese. The Mexican Street Corn Salad is simple. You can use canned fire roasted corn kernels. Or buy fresh corn to grill, then cut the kernels off. Mix corn with black beans, cilantro, tomato (or red bell pepper), a squirt of lime juice, a clove or two of garlic, and sprinkle of cotija cheese (couldn’t find any here) or feta cheese. You serve it warm or cold. I liked it cold. This meal packed a tastebud punch. 

I hope you enjoy the recipe and your weekend! Blog ya on Monday!

Even If

My favorite song at the moment is Even If by MercyMe. The lyrics speak to my heart; which the picture above has the chorus. I listen to a local Christian radio station or a Christian station on iTunes all the time. I just find it more appropriate to listen to around SP, who repeats everything. Last night, I decided to make an impromptu trip to Publix. Hubby gave me their sale ad because I plan the weekly menu. I noticed they had a good sale on Similac formula. The only catch was the sale ended last night! With the cost of LB’s medical formula and other expenses, every little bit helps. I also had a great coupon for the Similac formula. Basically I would get an entire tub free! Hubby wanted some ice cream too. 

So, off I went on the 40 minute round trip to Publix. On the way, I heard Even If and several other amazing songs. It was like every song that came on, spoke to me. Spoke to my broken spirit, hurt, pain, and dwindling faith to be strong and let God take control. Which I am trying to do. But most of all I felt God’s presence. I’ve bought the formula and hubby’s ice cream and driving back home. The interstate was busy, it was dark, and I was cautious by being aware of where the other drivers were. I was ahead of the pack, so to say, with the exception of an 18 wheeler just behind and to the right of me. Suddenly I noticed a cloud of dirt or smoke appear to my left. I instantly slowed, thinking maybe someone ran off the road on the other side. Then I saw something black and round fly through the air coming towards me. I slammed on my brakes, expecting an impact. It was a tire! It bounced right in front of my car and flew back in the air over towards the 18 wheeler. It narrowly missed the 18 wheeler’s cab. I sped back up, knowing traffic was likely catching up to me and didn’t want to be rear-ended. I made it back home, thankful, and shaken. Hubby was putting LB down and I gave them both hugs and kisses. SP was already tucked in, but I went in to give her hugs and kisses anyway. This could have ended a lot worse. I’m thankful God was with me and surrounded me with protection. Because He could have decided to call me from this Earthly home.

This morning I began a video study of Tim Tebow’s Shaken. It talks about not allowing our hardships to define us. That God gives talents and takes away too. Tebow talks about how he continued to rely on God during his dark moments. I think it will be a great series for me; to restore my faith. I have to say, God has provided me with an amazing support group of friends. Some of the other moms, whose kids are in SP’s class, have really been there for me. And I can’t thank them enough. God always provides, even when He seems distant. You just have to be actively looking in the smallest of ways. 

Hope for tomorrow…

Today was definitely one of those days. I was so worn out, looked at my watch, just to see it was only noon. There was no chance for decent naps and I was already feeling defeated. My struggle with PPA/PPD is getting the best of me, even after a nice long walk this morning. Actually, that walk consisted of a lot of crying. Sleep eluded me last night, which set me up for a difficult day. Our Summer is booking up with trips and camps, and I know I need to seek better counseling. The therapist I see tends to cancel last minute and it’s difficult to get another appointment. That in itself stresses me. I am so far behind in discussing matters with her and I feel as though she doesn’t offer any techniques to help me cope. I try to push myself to keep up interest in things, like this blog. But I find it difficult. I make excuses that I’m traveling or I have visitors. Yet, if I’m honest; I just don’t have the drive. It is the same for exercising and cooking. If I didn’t have two kids that depend on me, I wouldn’t leave the bed. 

 SP was extra sassy and LB was extremely fussy. I’m not sure why he was so fussy, because he normally has a joyous demeanor and uplifts my spirit. His giant, toothless grin melts my heart into a puddle of joy. I have a hard time finding the right words to describe his personality. Words like happy or joyous just doesn’t do it justice. It is the way he looks at me. It is as if he has every ounce of what was my happiness inside of him. As if, because of his PKU, God has given him this amazing positive outlook on life to help him through it. That sounds weird though. He had a pediatrician visit for his second round of vaccinations from his 6 month wellness this afternoon, right in the middle of nap. SP had to choose today of all days to test her limits with me. I didn’t have a shred of patience for her attitude. Luckily, we were in and out at the Doc’s. LB was a trooper and only cried for his last shot, and that only lasted long enough for his thumb to find his mouth. But he was sure to mean mug the nurse, which she thinks is darling. Haha! Poor LB, he tries to look mean but winds up looking adorable. I put SP down for a quick nap immediately. She has learned some not so polite language at school and is testing me with it. Not cuss words, but words like poophead, peepeeface. Words that I find inappropriate for her to use and not in a nice manner. I knew it was a matter of time until she began testing me with them because she tells me her friends say them all the time. She’s getting a first hand lesson in that I’m not like other parents. Truthfully, I don’t take issue with her saying poop or peepee; but I will not have her calling people names. LB ended up falling asleep too. So, I did have one hour to myself to accomplish some of the things around the house. I did make a pretty awesome supper. I will share that on Friday, because it is a healthy meal. Of course, now I realize I scarfed it down before I took pictures. Hmmm…

I also realize tonight’s post is supposed to be about midwifery. However, the legislation is on a two week break. They will be back next week. Both bills, HB 315 and HB 316, passed the House committees. Now, they must take on the Senate. A midwifery bill hasn’t ever been this far before! Pretty exciting stuff! I will continue to send my emails. I think most of the supporters are voicing their opinions on Twitter. However, I couldn’t possibly manage another social media account. I still haven’t uploaded photos from Thanksgiving or Chirstmas to FaceBook. Haha. It’s terrible, really. Maybe I will find the drive and time soon. 

Hometown Shenanigans 

Last Wednesday, I packed the kids and myself up and headed toward my hometown. SP had a St. Patrick’s Day parade at her school, then was released early. Savannah becomes a giant party for St. Patrick’s Day, so all schools are cancelled for the holiday. Not to mention the influx of tourists for the celebration. We decided to leave town, but Hubby had to work until Friday. My grandmother opened her home to us. So, I seriously went back to my homework. The small town where I grew up and everyone knows everyone. It isn’t far from where I went to college, at Auburn University. I used the time to meet with a few gal pals. Of course, there is never enough time to hangout with all of them. It breaks my heart too. Although I packed my iPad to blog, I simply forgot. Oops!

My best friend of 12 years (my unbiological sister) and I met for lunch. Then, we met for dinner the next day and she talked me into going to a bar to listen to one of her friend’s band. The band was awesome! (Check out Five Shot Jack.) I haven’t been in a bar for three years. (I’m a hermit and a mom.) It had a swanky, 1920’s, speakeasy vibe. I wish I could have stayed longer, but I knew mom duty would be calling me quickly the next morning. I also met up with another friend to give her a few baby clothes that LB out grew. Her little baby boy will be here before we know it and I just cannot wait. Ahhhh! Hubby and I were able to slip away for a lunch date at a popular cafe on Lake Martin. I ate there every Friday or Saturday growing up. So when Hubby and I began dating, I introduced him to the cafe too. It became a favorite for him too. On my last day there, I was able to meet up with my best friend in high school. We hadn’t seen each other in 8 years, since my wedding. Our lives became busy and we lost touch. This weekend, we just picked right back up where we left off. Meeting her reminded me why we were such great friends in high school. 

Going back home was good for me. I was able to recharge some. And watching SP run around my grandmother’s yard, like I did so many years ago, just overjoyed my heart. It confirmed that my family needs to be on a farm. We need room to grow. While I would love to move back home, there aren’t jobs there for Hubby. Hopefully, we can create our own farmstead soon.