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Buckle your imaginary seatbelt, Reader! This will be a chaotic ride through a mental explosion of Kayleigh Hornsby.
I have a difficult time defining who I am. I feel as if I am always mentally expanding. My passion for learning, exploring, and pondering all areas of life could be a factor for that problem. I don’t like to restrict myself to a definition.
I can tell you that I am from a small, rural town in central Alabama. I graduated from Auburn University with a B.A. in Sociology and a minor in Rural Community Development (fancy label for Rural Sociology). I enjoy studying societies, especially rural communities; but I did not focus my career in that area. My career, a hem, I’ve worked in university admissions, as a veterinary technician, a housewife, and, now, a stay-at-home mother to a darling daughter. The best way to know me, is taking the time to read my blog. I am open, honest, raw. I have opinions to release, inspiration to give, recipes to try/review/share, faith to strengthen, God to explore, parenting conundrums/victories/information to express, exercise to try, and most of all…captivate and listen to you.


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