Changing plans

                                                                                                            Plans. They change. And that’s frustrating. 

It’s also the reason why I didn’t publish a post last night. I try to plan ahead. Well, no, let me rephrase that inaccurate statement. I plan ahead. So, if I know I have a schedule conflict on my blog night, I plan ahead, and pre-write my blog post. Of course, I have technology fails that keep said posts from being published. (Which by the way, I found where my drafts were being saved on my IPad. Hopefully I can figure out the scheduled publish time feature.) Anyway, I was supposed to have a therapy appointment on Monday evening. I had all of my “ducks” in order; as far as childcare, meal prep, and all that jazz. My therapist had to cancel, but wanted to re-schedule within a couple of days. Which brings me to my PSA: Not all stay-at-home moms have a wide open calendar of nothingness!!

Seriously, folks! Now, I will say my therapist had a very legitimate excuse to cancelling the appointment. And I was able to re-schedule for last night. But geez!! It was a source of stress and anxiety getting that done. She only had two evenings available, Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday just cannot accept anymore plans. It is my busiest day of the week and a day where my daughter HAS to have a nap in order to be focused in gymnastics. Because traffic is terrible where gymnastics is located, it takes me up to 45-60 minutes to get home. This week, there were 4 accidents, on the way I needed to go home. Three of them on the interstate, 1 on an alternate route I could’ve taken, and one route is just not an option due to on going construction. So, that left me (and a ton of other people) to overflow one route. (Spoiler alert! People drive with their heads up their butts, so there was an accident there too.) I was left with scheduling over my blog night. I also had to reschedule the babysitter, my husband’s schedule, and re-prep all the prepping I did for Monday. 

Unfortunately, I just do not handle that well. I easily become overwhelmed and flustered. It’s an involuntary response too. I want so badly to be like, “Hey, no problem. I’ll figure it out.” However, my mind goes nuts. “What?! How dare you cancel on me last second and want me to reschedule so quickly! I have to do all of this rearranging on top of my normal duties! This is insane! I can’t do it! Shut down mode….hysterically cry!” 

Guess what…that is frustrating too! I was able to get everything worked out. In hindsight, it wasn’t that big of an adjustment, other than not being able to blog. Yet, it still bothers me not to blog. Since I am blogging tonight, I won’t be blogging tomorrow. 

Let’s go back to my PSA. I’ve had people cancel on me at the last second, wanting to push the plans a day or two, as if it isn’t an inconvenience at all. When I’ve responded “No, I’ll have to wait until next week.” I’ve actually been asked, “Why? You’re a SAHM. It’s not like you do anything.”

Uhhhh, excuse me? I get the feeling from multiple experiences that this seems to be the general consensus.

My entire week is planned out, every week. When I do have “rest” days at home, I’m still cleaning something that has been neglected. Take today for example. I didn’t leave the house. But I folded, hung, and sorted laundry. I emptied the dishwasher, just to fill it back up. I prepared 3 different breakfasts and lunches, and 2 different suppers. (I’m not able to just throw some food on a plate. For my son, I have to measure each food item, record protein levels for each item, prepare medical formula; all for one meal.) I had to stop during supper to feed the big guy. I entertained the kids while trimming bushes for the entire morning. While the kids were down for nap, I finished picking up the bush trimmings, did the laundry, worked on my blog, ate lunch, showered, and tidied up the bathroom. I woke the kids up, prepared snacks, and gathered all the trash. I threw in some more entertainment from mommy. Then, I had to begin supper. Depending on the day, I know I have bath night, blood test night, blog night, gymnastics night, and therapy night. Let’s throw in some pediatrician appointments, grocery shopping, pharmacy pick ups, birthday parties, play dates …you get the picture? I haven’t even touched on driving my daughter back and forth to camps or school. I try to fit in morning workouts to keep my sanity. That’s some “me” time. I wake up at 5 AM, just to have a little time to myself to read, watch a show, or play catch up after someone cancelled plans with me. 

So, yeah, I get annoyed when people suggest that I, as a SAHM, don’t do anything. Or expect me to immediately accommodate them after they cancelled plans. PUH-Lease! No can do! 

It’s just something to think twice about. 

Last weekend was busy with a birthday party and a hair appointment for me. My daughter, SP, had a friend turning 4. The party was at this neat place that had multi level climbing areas, tubes, slides, and a ball pit. She had two Disney Princesses there, Ariel and Elsa. (No so funny, Cinderella was a no show to the birthday ball.) Ariel couldn’t get her music to play to sing “Apart of Your World”. Well, leave it up to me to save the moment because I have almost every Disney Princess song (up to Princess Tiana…sorry Merida and Elsa) on my phone. I can also sing the “Apart of Your World” in its entirety, without music. The Little Mermaid is my favorite, with Beauty and the Beast at a close second. SP had a blast and has another party to attend to this weekend. Because my weekends are so busy, its another reason why I try to keep my plans intact.

After I publish this blog, I get to make plans on my son’s first birthday…coming up on TWO months. Where has this year gone?! 


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