July Vacation Fun

My goodness I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve started this post to be interrupted by the kiddos. For one thing, LB woke up about a week ago knowing how to crawl. I’m not talking about wobbly, really not going anywhere crawling either. He suddenly went into an all four position and took off. It’s been non-stop ever since. If he isn’t trying to crawl into the fireplace, rip down the blinds, scatter every single toy his sister owns, try to unplug every cord in the house, or trying to stand up; he is sleeping. He is on the go or sound asleep. Haha! His big sister, SP, is right there with him causing more chaos. If you want peace and quiet; don’t come here. 

I didn’t mean to skip the blog last week. We were on vacation in the mountains for the 4th of July. Although the cabin had wi-if, it was snail speed slow. It didn’t even reach the bottom floor of the cabin where our room was. I also didn’t have service. It was frustrating; but nice to unplug too. Overall the vacation was nice. The hubby and I went white water rafting. It had been raining off and on the previous week, so the rapids were higher than normal. It was an experience to experience, terrifying and fun. The hubby has wanted to white water raft for years. We had an action packed week, even with the kids. I also feel like I gained 20 pounds with all the food I ate. We went on a train ride, shopped, ate, and made sweet memories together. I’ve been watching my diet and running this week to combat last week’s damage. It was worth it though!

On Friday I will post my healthier Asian recipes (that I promised two weeks ago). I’ve been “cooking” up some more surprises and have a food review on a healthy pizza too. 

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