So Much To Do

Goodness, I’ve been busy. The month of May is always incredibly hectic for me. The third is my daughter’s birthday. I’m usually franctically trying to prepare of that, which is why I forgot to blog last week. We were up later than normal celebrating SP’s birthday, on top of me already being tired from an eventful day. I made mini cupcakes for her class to celebrate her birthday, then had a Mother’s Day program at her school, and had to buy last minute grocery items for her party. Friday I baked and decorated her cake. Y’all, I was basically delirious from lack of sleep. Also, it is the end of the year for SP’s school. So, I volunteered at the beginning of the year to participate in the Spalsh Bash party today. I had to make mini cupcakes for that, bring decorations, help set up, and follow SP around from water game to water slide all morning. Come to think of it…I’m not sure how I’m still functioning. 

SP’s 4th birthday was amazing and full of fun with friends. She declared months ago, she wanted a Paw Patrol party. The catch was that she wanted the real colors, not the pink and purple stuff. I told her that was fine with me. Her favorite character is Marshall. She pretends to be him all the time and its so cute. (And she tells everyone my name is Everest and LB is Chase.) If you haven’t caught on yet; she’s a strong minded individual. Possibly got that trait from me. 

If May wasn’t busy enough, it is PKU awareness month. On my Facebook, I try to share something about PKU everyday. The more you talk about it, the more you can educate and normalize it. Most people have no idea why their newborn receives a newborn screening test. Well, it is to test for PKU and (depending on the state you live in) 23-28 other rare genetic disorders. I find the more I talk about LB’s PKU, the more I accept our new normal. It serves as a healing process for me. Although, my post-partum depression is still not where I want it to be. I struggle everyday to keep my emotions under control, to function as a mom and wife, and to see the positive. Exercise helps a lot with the depression and I haven’t been able to do that regularly for over a week. Next week, I should be help to have a small break to fit in some running.

I do have some exciting news to share. Today the Alabama Senate Judiciary committee voted and approved HB315!! Now, the bill must be voted on by the Senate floor and, if approved, signed by the new governor. HB315 simply decriminalizes CPMs within the state of Alabama. More than one of my friends travel across state borders to birth their babies with CPMs and CNMs. For many of these women, its about having respect and encouragement during labor and birth, not pressure to conform to a medicalized birth. I could have easily went back to Alabama to have my son; but chose to stay in Savannah to use a CNM at a birth center. I hope this legislative session Alabama women will have the option to legally hire a CPM! 


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