Food & Love

Supper was absolutely amazing tonight. I surprised myself! I made taco zucchini boats. It is super easy. Brown the lean ground beef, season with FlavorGod’s Taco Tuesday and Chi Chi’s salsa. While that is cooking, cut zucchini into halves, scrap out the middle, and lay in a baking dish. When the meat is done, scoop into the zucchini boats. Top with whatever cheese you like. (I used Sargento’s 4 State Cheddar, since that’s what I had on hand.) Bake in oven on 375 degrees F for about 20 minutes. Before serving, top with chopped romaine hearts, tomatoes, and red onion. See, super simple!

The hubby raved about them. Hopefully, they will be just as good tomorrow for lunch. 

Along with the healthy eating (except for last weekend), I’ve been regularly running and lifting weights on the weekends. I would like to lift weights more often; however, my schedule just doesn’t allow me that time during the week. I still have 30 pounds to go though. Basically, they aren’t coming off as easy as before. It is apparent my hormones are not back at where they were before the pregnancy. Unfortunately, I find when my depression and anxiety are high; my metabolism suffers greatly. I am hoping over time my hormones will straighten themselves out. 

In previous years, I would go to the doctor and have my thyroid checked. Nothing ever came of it, although I was showing multiple symptoms of thyroid issues. I was constantly sick too. As if I would catch stomach viruses 2-3 times a month or wouldn’t have a meal agree with me within 10 minutes of finishing my meal. There really wasn’t an rhyme or reason to me getting sick. I could eat a pizza on Monday, vomit all night long; then eat the same type of pizza the next week and never be sick. Yet, I was still constantly gaining weight. Luckily, I’m not having the sick issues. I found when I cut my carb intake, the nausea and sickness decreased. (Which is why I maintain such a strict low carb diet.)

Speaking of low carb diets, I didn’t stick to that over the weekend. The hubby and I went back to Alabama for a friend’s wedding. (It was beautiful!!) Hubby was the best man. At the rehearsal dinner, they had a play on a low country shrimp boil. Basically, it was the all the ingredients, just not all boiled together. During the reception, they had delicious chicken fingers, mashed potatoes, and veggies. The wedding cake was three different flavors. Thankfully, the pieces were small! I shared the strawberry and what I think was pound cake (…it had a pound cake texture and buttery taste) with Hubby. I kept the chocolate all to myself though. (I LOVE chocolate cake!!) The morning of the wedding, I did run on the treadmill and lift weights, so I think I deserved that food. Haha! Of course, Sunday was spent traveling back home and road trip food isn’t the healthiest. There aren’t a lot of options either. (Chick-fil-A, I’m looking at you. I depend on your grilled nuggets for travel food!) 

Oh, and this wedding. Y’all, I cannot put into words how beautiful it was. The bride was absolutely stunning. I’ve known the groom for 11 years and saw a totally different side to him. There was just so much love there! I totally cried during the ceremony. It brought back so many feelings and memories of when I was standing there committing my life to my husband. He was standing there, as best man, looking so handsome too. To come and think of it, I just love love. Haha! Because Hubby had to leave early for wedding photos, I didn’t have his opinion on my attire. So, I took a dreaded mirror selfie to text him. 

Would you believe I bought that shirt, skirt, and earrings for 60 bucks at J.Crew’s outlet store?! If you went to a regular J. Crew store for those items, the shirt was $60, the skirt was $80, and the earrings were $30. The necklace is from there too. I bought that about a year ago; regularly priced at $40. I bought for $15! Besides love, I also love a good deal. Haha! 

I have a quick midwife bill update too! The decriminalization bill, HB 315, was picked for the special order calendar. The House voted on it yesterday….and it passed! HB 315 is going to the Senate, where it will be assigned to a committee. The committee must vote on it to go to the Senate floor, it must be put on the calendar to be voted on by the floor, and then the governor has to sign it. It is a lot of steps to achieve; but this is the furthest a midwifery bill has come so far. We can do it! Our voices are being heard! 


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