To Write Or Not To Write

I debated on actually writing a post tonight. This morning I had to have SP at the eye doctor for a follow up appointment. If you remember, she sustained an eye injury at a play date, which caused a sty to not properly drain and become infected. Thankfullly, the two weeks of antibiotics, eye ointment, eye washing, and warm compression, allowed the sty to drain and heal. Unfortunately, she developed another sty on her other eye. The doctor explained to me that for whatever reason, she is more vulnerable to getting stys. For the next year, we have to wash and warm compress her eyes. If she develops another sty that doesn’t go away within a month, we will need to put her on an eye ointment. Apparently, some kids are just prone to them. The new sty is much smaller than the previous because she didn’t have the swelling and bruising from an injury. SP hates having her eyes washed and the compression. But we gotta do what we gotta do! After the appointment and a 40 minute wait at Walgreens, we finally made it home. I packed up the car, fed us lunch, and hit the road toward Alabama. Which is why I debated writing a post. I’m super tired.

Easter went well. We had a little Easter meal of lamb chops, green beans, and brussel sprouts. Hubby loves deviled eggs; however, I do not. Every Easter I make him his own special plate of deviled eggs. I love Southern pear and cherry salad. Hubby does not. (Now you might be wondering what is pear and cherry salad. You take halved pears, put a drop of mayo, sprinkle some cheddar cheese, and top with a cherry. Yummy!) So, I made myself a small batch of those. We gave the kiddos their gifts, we hid eggs outside and inside, and just spent quality family time together. We went to church that morning, where SP smashed her pinky in a door jam. UGH! It turned all purple and she will probably loose the nail. During church, LB decided he would sing along with the choir and preach with the preacher. We ended up putting him in nursery, where he promptly fell asleep. We had a number of people tell us he was so cute. It was a great time though!

I’m not sure what kind of shenanigans I will get into while I’m here. Actually, I’m only here for tomorrow, then I have some arrangements in Montgomery for the weekend. SP is on Spring Break, so I wanted her to have a little time with my parents and grandmother. LB just goes with the flow as along as he stays on time with his formula and food. He likes his meal times. And the boy can sleep anywhere at anytime. 

For future posts, I do have a few healthy recipes to share. I also finished the Tim Tebow study too. It was great too! 

The only update I have for the midwifery bills in Alabama is that they are waiting to be placed on the special order calendar to be discussed. Supporters are steadily contacting the representatives to support the bills. Hopefully, Alabama will finally see the urgency of these bills and pass them. 

Until next time!


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