Buzz, buzz, busy Bee

Busy. Busy is the appropriate word to assign this week so far. SP was in a mood on Monday. Not only was she testing her boundaries, but she was so emotional too. Crying over the tiniest things, back talking, refusing to do usual activities, and driving me crazy. The day left me mentally drained. I didn’t get a chance to workout either. After tucking the kids in bed, I needed to de-stress. Hubby suggested for us to spend some time working out in the garage. I knew anything I blogged about would be total jibberish. I didn’t have much to blog about anyway. I spent the weekend running errands and going on family runs to the neighborhood park. 

I would like to say SP’s attitude changed for Tuesday. But it didn’t. As punishment, I wouldn’t allow her to participate in gymnastics class. She refused to take a nap and played with her stuffed animals in her bed, so I took those away also. Hubby came right home from work and took the kids on a run, so I could at least cook supper in peace. I was able to measure and prepare LB’s PKU formula without interruption. When Hubby came back from his run, SP had cried the entire time because she wanted me to come too. Hubby handed me some cash and told me to go take myself to the movies. He knew I’ve been wanting to watch Beauty and the Beast at the theaters. (It was amazing!) The theater underwent a renovation and installed reclining seats. Hubby should be happy that I made it back that night. I could have slept in my chair. Haha! As I left the house, SP was crying because she didn’t want me to leave. Hubby said she was like that until he put her to bed. He was exhausted. Welcome to motherhood…

Today, she was a little better; but still emotional. I’m not sure what is going on with her. She took her show and tell stuffed animal on the playground. It was so dirty and I needed to wash it. She had a total meltdown. I laid her down for nap, hoping for a refreshed attitude when she woke up. Ahhhh, no. She cried because I gave her grapes for snack. I told her she could go hungry until supper if I heard one more protest about those grapes. Funny how fast she ate them. Momma ain’t playin’ her game. 

Meanwhile, LB has been his happy laid back self. He is loving being introduced to solid foods. His PHE level has been treading higher than it needs to be. So we are undergoing another formula change. Because he is eating solid foods, I am having to keep track of the amount of PHE each food contains. A lot of measuring, computing phe content, and recording the information. It can be overwhelming, especially with SP vying for my attention too. 

I don’t want to give up on my fitness goals. However, I do find it difficult to find the motivation when I’m already so tired. Unfortunately, I do need to decrease my blog nights. For now, I will only be blogging on Wednesday evenings. Hopefully, I can pick up another night shortly in the future. Right now, I need time to rest, be with my kids, and focus on my mental and physical health. These next few months are going to be a whirlwind of activity too. I will have plenty to blog about!

So you better stay tuned! See you Wednesday!


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