Scale Problems

I have to keep telling myself this. I’ve become frustrated at the number on the scale. It has relatively stayed the same for two weeks. It might drop a few points down; but then jump right back up the next day. GRRRRR! I know I have to be persistent with my diet and exercise though. Consistency is key with fitness. This week of exercise disappointmented me; because I skipped two days. Last week I was able to get out everyday for a run and figure in a little body weight strength training. However, on Monday the weather looked like it was going to storm at any second (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve loaded the kids in the BOB^2 just for it to come a pour down a mile from the house), so I decided to stay in and clean the house. Tuesday and Wednesday I had great runs with body weight exercises at the end. Thursday I woke up with my left knee feeling tender and slightly inflamed. I took that day off, hoping by the evening it would feel better. Unfortunately it didn’t. I have arthritic knees. They tend to get stiff and achy before rainy or cool weather. They pop and crack. (I can’t sneak up on anyone…You’ll hear me coming.) I’ve been dealing with knee issues since middle school. Doctors always tell me to rest and prescribe extra strength Tylenol. So, this year I’ve began to try essential oils, a more holistic approach, rather than reaching for a pill bottle. (I’ve cut out allergy medications, any headache or soreness medications, and even cold type medications!) I use Young Living oils, and last night decided to see what is used for joint pain. I saw most people use Panaway. It is a combination of a few oils, but the main is wintergreen. I rubbed two drops on my knee and behind and propped my leg up to rest. I noticed it felt a little better when I went upstairs for bed. This morning it felt much better. I didn’t want to take another day off, so I loaded up the kid in BOB^2 to go to the park. I kept my pace at a brisk walk, with some slow jogging thrown in there. I did a total of 3.8 miles. I immediately rubbed Panaway on it again. My knee feels a little tender with certain turning type movements, but overall still good. I will apply another couple of drops tonight before bed again. These oils continue to amaze me.

I’m unable to run tomorrow because I have a hair appointment first thing in the morning. I want to do a full body strength workout at the very least in the evening. I also need to buy groceries so we will have food too. A mom’s/wife’s job is never done. Actually, I still need to plan our weekly menu. GAHHHH! 

If you are struggling with that number on the scale, don’t be discouraged. Make a healthy diet and working out a consistent routine. Try changing up your workout, if you focus on cardio, try strength training and vice versa. Something as simple as that could jumpstart that scale number to drop. Also, if you find yourself stressed out a lot…the Queen of Stressed Out right here…mediating or Yoga might help you reduce your cortisol levels (the stress hormone) to help your body break down those fat cells. 

You can do this! 


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