Storms Are Coming

The storms have finally caught up to us in Savannah. I would like to say that I never experienced anything like the meme above….but that would be a lie. Everyone would run to the doors and windows, or onto the porch to see if they could see the tornado. True story. And we wonder why rednecks die comical deaths. Meanwhile, every time I hear thunder, I hear Garth Brooks’ lyrics “the thunder rolls and the lightening strikes”. 90’s country kid problems. 😂 It was supposed to rain all day; however, the storms lingered in Alabama. While the weather was so nice, I went on a 4 mile run. It was so humid! I never know when I will get the chance to workout, so I find a window and take it. Of course, my arthritic knees are angry at me for pushing myself so hard to today. Tomorrow I will take an off day to allow them to calm down. I should be better by Friday for a run to the park with the kids. 

I thought about posting my baby apron bib craft progress on here tonight. Although, I think it would be easier to post the pictures as more of a tutorial in case you want to try your hand at it. I’ve measured LB and made my own pattern. I had to redo the pattern to account for his chunky cheeks/neck area and broad shoulders. I’ve also washed and dried the material to account for shrinkage when the bib needs to be washed. Over the weekend I want to iron and cut the material. I need to order some embroidery thread and a few items to begin that as well. I might even sew the front and back piece together. It just depends on the time I can dedicate to it. In 17.5 years, when I become an empty nester, I will have my ultimate craft room (One of the kids’ rooms) and all the time to craft. Hehe! 

I’m going to bed early. I’m sure SassyPants will find her way into our bed tonight. There is no sleeping with her, just endless talking about how fun sleeping with us is. ALL. NIGHT. LONG. LB doesn’t wake up for nothing. Once he is asleep, he is out. Just like his father. I wish I could sleep so soundly. I forecast lots of coffee for me tomorrow. 

Stay safe friends!


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