Mondays are supposed to be about the midwifery bills, I know, but there still isn’t any new news to report. However, South Dakota just had their midwifery bill signed last week. They are the 32nd state to make Certified Professional Midwives available to all South Dakota women. I am hopeful this year Alabama will be the 33rd state to offer CPMs for better birth options. 

On Friday, I planned on using the weekend to do my Spring cleaning and tackling my embroidery machine. Turns out, I did neither. Haha! I was able to workout and go by JoAnn’s to buy some Paw Patrol fabric to appliqué on a birthday shirt. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted. I’m thinking about ordering a yard of a different Paw Patrol print. I have a little issue with the fabric prints I’ve found. I haven’t found any fabric pattern that has both the female and male pups. The one I did, is out of stock. But, come on?! My daughter likes all the Paw Patrol, not just Skye and Everest. She doesn’t want a pink and purple “girly” party. She wants the original colors, like on the tv show; and the entire cast. This is a reoccurring issue for us. She loves astronomy, dinosaurs, and robots. Unless you want to pay hefty prices, there aren’t clothes geared for girls with those images. So, I’m going to start making her skirts and dresses with those patterns. I’m not a fan of allowing her to wear skirts and dresses; unless she wears leggings or shorts underneath. Showing our under garments isn’t modest, in my opinion. Yet she isn’t at an age or maturity level to understand why it is inappropriate to show undies either or be held accountable if she does so. Hence, the leggings or shorts rule. While I’m on the sewing kick, I’m going to make a few apron bibs for LB. Poor guy is drooling all over. He soaks his regular bibs so quickly. I did the same thing for SP when she began teething too. I lost my original pattern. *Sad day* But I am not about to pay for a pattern that I once had for free because the post went viral on Pinterest. (I really cannot stand when people to do that. You offer a free pattern, then decide to put an outrageous price on it after it has gotten some notoriety. It is one thing to began to charge for your newer patterns; but not one that you offered for free…for years.) Now, I am measuring LB to make my custom pattern. He is such a chunky monkey, that it is probably best that I am customizing it. I am hoping I don’t mess this up. I tend to get ambitious with my sewing endeavors. I would also like to appliqué or monogram a few of the bibs too. We shall see… This I Love Lucy meme sums up my sewing knowledge:

Because I didn’t get to my Spring cleaning, I ended up doing that too. Yeah, two kids in the house on a stormy day while cleaning. I don’t know why I do these things to myself. Haha! I did clean the kitchen, sweep, mop, a few loads of laundry, dishes, and vacuum. I say it was a productive day. I still need to clean our bathrooms, ugh. There is always tomorrow, right?

I did it all in my PJs too. I declared today PJ day. SP is all about a day wearing her PJs. She had a great day building skyscrapers with legos, playing with her brother, and watching Octonauts. We also worked on tracing her letters and counting to 30. Now that its after 9 pm…

The kids must have been tired too. They were out like lights, no fussing. A good “momming” day. Of course, it would be nice to be a Disney Princess. Then my animal friends could clean for me.

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