Even If

My favorite song at the moment is Even If by MercyMe. The lyrics speak to my heart; which the picture above has the chorus. I listen to a local Christian radio station or a Christian station on iTunes all the time. I just find it more appropriate to listen to around SP, who repeats everything. Last night, I decided to make an impromptu trip to Publix. Hubby gave me their sale ad because I plan the weekly menu. I noticed they had a good sale on Similac formula. The only catch was the sale ended last night! With the cost of LB’s medical formula and other expenses, every little bit helps. I also had a great coupon for the Similac formula. Basically I would get an entire tub free! Hubby wanted some ice cream too. 

So, off I went on the 40 minute round trip to Publix. On the way, I heard Even If and several other amazing songs. It was like every song that came on, spoke to me. Spoke to my broken spirit, hurt, pain, and dwindling faith to be strong and let God take control. Which I am trying to do. But most of all I felt God’s presence. I’ve bought the formula and hubby’s ice cream and driving back home. The interstate was busy, it was dark, and I was cautious by being aware of where the other drivers were. I was ahead of the pack, so to say, with the exception of an 18 wheeler just behind and to the right of me. Suddenly I noticed a cloud of dirt or smoke appear to my left. I instantly slowed, thinking maybe someone ran off the road on the other side. Then I saw something black and round fly through the air coming towards me. I slammed on my brakes, expecting an impact. It was a tire! It bounced right in front of my car and flew back in the air over towards the 18 wheeler. It narrowly missed the 18 wheeler’s cab. I sped back up, knowing traffic was likely catching up to me and didn’t want to be rear-ended. I made it back home, thankful, and shaken. Hubby was putting LB down and I gave them both hugs and kisses. SP was already tucked in, but I went in to give her hugs and kisses anyway. This could have ended a lot worse. I’m thankful God was with me and surrounded me with protection. Because He could have decided to call me from this Earthly home.

This morning I began a video study of Tim Tebow’s Shaken. It talks about not allowing our hardships to define us. That God gives talents and takes away too. Tebow talks about how he continued to rely on God during his dark moments. I think it will be a great series for me; to restore my faith. I have to say, God has provided me with an amazing support group of friends. Some of the other moms, whose kids are in SP’s class, have really been there for me. And I can’t thank them enough. God always provides, even when He seems distant. You just have to be actively looking in the smallest of ways. 

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