Better Options

Not much happened in the way of HB 315 and HB 316, both votes were postponed until this Wednesday. MASA would like to add their 36 (or so) requirements for CPMs to accept a client onto HB 316 in the way of amendments. Of course, that would not be beneficial to Alabama women at all. The requirements would disqualify every woman seeking a CPM. Hopefully, on Wednesday both bills will receive favorable reports and be passed onto the senate. The ABC action group have been hard at work communicating to the senate about the bill. I have to say, the amount of press these bills have gotten is beyond anything I could have imagined. Yes, some are biased toward MASA and spreading their lies and fear. But the majority are well rounded pieces that explain the bills perfectly.

The biggest shocker during the Wednesday hearing, last week, was when Executive Director of MASA stated he felt it “unfair and wrong” that women planning home births show up unannounced to a hospital’s emergency room. 

Well, first of all, if hospitals, OBs, and nurses would establish a trusting relationship with the midwives; there wouldn’t be any issue with a home birth transfer if an emergency did arise. If midwifery was legal in Alabama, midwives would feel comfortable calling ahead to let the hospital know an emergency was on the way. This is exactly what the neighboring states do. Yet the biggest no brainer to me is…what is the point of an emergency room? Isn’t it to accept unannounced emergencies?! Is this Executive Director implying that hospitals should pick and choose what constitutes an emergency? Surely, not. 

It is this hostile attitude that keeps midwives out of Alabama. It keeps Alabama women from safe birth options. 

Speak up! Contact your representatives and ask them to support HB 315 and HB 316 without amendments this Wednesday!

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