This week I did much better squeezing in workouts. Wednesday was the only day I couldn’t workout. That’s because I spent the entire morning at a pediatric eye specialist for my daughter. That day also brought on bad diet decisions. I ended up picking up a pizza for lunch. I just needed something quick, so I could get the kiddo to eat and go down for nap. Then I remembered I had scheduled for the house to be sprayed for pests that afternoon during nap time. It was a long, grumpy day. I let SP choose supper. She picked pancakes. Again, not healthy at all. So, Wednesday was a splurge day. Those days happen, and nothing to beat yourself over. Just train harder the next day and stick to your diet.

That’s exactly what I did. I mixed my workouts up with strength training and running. Previously, I would run for 3.5 miles on days I would lift weights and 6 miles on cardio only days. I do not have that endurance anymore. For now, I keep my runs around 2.5-4 miles and strength train with body weight or light weights. Actually, I’m luckily if I have the time for more than a 2.5-3 mile run during the week. 

The best thing you can do, is to watch your food intake. Keep a healthy diet! You cannot out work an unhealthy diet. That alone will help you lose some weight. Drinking plain water, maybe a lemon or orange wedge for flavor. Eat lean proteins. Don’t make yourself go hungry, but choose smaller portioned snacks. A handful of almonds, fruit, or yogurt. I like to eat half of a FitJoy bar. (Try the Homemade Pumpkin Pie…Oh.My.Word!!) 

Losing weight isn’t a fad diet or workout. It is a lifestyle. Setting an attainable goal and working towards it each day. There will be setbacks, but you must work through them. 


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