Update: SP’s Eye

I shared last week that Miss SassyPants received an injury to the eye during a play date. Over the week, the bump/knot continued to look worse, even after a pediatrician visit and medication. Monday afternoon, we went back to the pediatrician. He referred us to a pediatric eye specialist. We spent our entire morning at the eye specialist appointment today. She passed her vision test and screening, although her eyes do show a high possibility of becoming near sighted. At some point in time, she will need glasses. As far as the injury, the doctor determined she most likely had a sty forming; but not yet visible. When the cone hit her in the eye, it injured the eyelid where the sty was forming. Basically, it allowed blood to enter the forming sty pocket. The impact of the injury caused inflammation within her eyelid, further blocking the drainage of the sty. The entire combination created a nasty infection within her eyelid. Our treatment option is to encourage the blockage to release and the sty to drain on its own. I have to clean/massage the eyelid area and apply a warm compress no less than four times a day. The doctor wants me to aim for six times a day though. She is on a strong oral antibiotic and a steroidal/antibiotic eye ointment for two weeks. These medications are supposed to help clear the infection and reduce the inflammation to allow the sty to drain. If the sty does not begin to drain within a month, she will have to undergo surgery. 

SP has a high pain tolerance. However, this sty is painful for her. Cleaning it today was rough on us both. She screamed in pain and begged me not to clean it. Unfortunately, that is not an option. I do believe during our last cleaning tonight, she squeezed her eye closed in an effort to keep me from touching it, and it partially popped. It was hard to tell with the cleaner suds, but I believe I saw some discharge and blood. 

My evenings were already full trying to get both kids to bed, making LB’s medical formula, and the other household stuff that has to be done. Now, I struggle even getting this post written. I hope I do not have to temporarily suspend my Wednesday posts until this eye fiasco clears up. This mama is running on empty.


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