Simple Fitness

Since the birth of my son almost 6 months ago, I’ve struggled to keep a consistent fitness routine. I gained the appropriate 30 pounds during the pregnancy and thought that I would lose it fairly quickly postpartum. (And 10 of that 30 was the baby and fluids, because I lost 10 pounds immediately after birth.) What I didn’t consider was postpartum depression and anxiety slapping in the face. Going on Zoloft earned me another 15 pounds. I figured if I was going to be depressed’ I didn’t want to be overweight and depressed. So I decided to stop the Zoloft, not that it was helping that much or reacting that well to my body. I was nauseous all the time, having horrible mood swings, and headaches. Now, here I am, with 35 pounds to lose. Sure, I’ve done that before. I previously lost over 70 pounds; but I distinctly remember the last 15-20 pounds being the slowest to come off. That was with strict clean eating, portion control, and workout routine.

I am slowly regulating my portion sizes and food choices. Hopefully, the fitness routine will settle into my mom schedule soon. I am unable to go to a gym because none offer childcare. (Come on gyms, get with it! Moms need to work off some stress too.) Hubby did set me up a squat rack, bar with weights, and kettle bells in the garage to help me. He knows how important being healthy and in shape is to me. I also enjoy running, so he bought me this:

Oh, yeah! That’s the double BOB. We call him BOB^2. This stroller is massive to push around with a 36 pound and 20 pound kids in it. Basically, on days that SP doesn’t have school, we take the BOB^2 to the park for a run. On the days it is just LB and I, we take the single BOB on a run all over the neighborhood. I try to get in as much running as possible, because I don’t know when I have to run errands for SP, a friend wants to meet, or bad weather may ditch my running plans. On rainy days, I can still work out in the garage. 

The most important component to losing weight is diet. I’m not talking about fad diets either. you have to change your mindset on food. Healthy foods packed with nutrients in appropriate portion sizes. The saying “You can’t out work a bad diet.” is true. I wasn’t able to workout much this week due to the Hubby gone on a business trip, rainy weather, and running errands. However, I still lost 4 pounds on watching my diet. Here are a few examples of my meals:

This is a Venison Asian Ginger Salad. It is a mixture of shredded cabbage, cilantro, romaine, and butter leaf lettuce. It has carrots, cucumbers, and wonton strips. I didn’t like the wonton strips, so I ended up picking them off. The dressing is an oil based ginger dressing. I stir fried the venison in a little coconut oil and a soy ginger sauce mixture.

This is a play on fish tacos. Instead of eating carbs from the flour tortillas, I made it into a salad. Again I used a mixture of shredded cabbage and butter leaf lettuce, and topped it off with tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers. The broiled the Cod with FlavorGod’s Taco Seasoning. I used a little sour cream and salsa as a dressing. I really enjoyed this dish. 

Here is my breakfast the mornings I take SP to preschool. I slice whatever fruit I have on hand (nectarines, apples, strawberries, pineapple, peaches), top it with a half cup of Chobani’s simply 100 Greek yogurt (sometimes I use coconut milk yogurt), and top that with a quarter cup of Ezekiel cereal as granola. I choose Ezekiel because of the carb to fiber/sugar content compared to other granolas in the store. If I use apples as my fruit, I will sprinkle a little cinnamon on there too. This breakfast is simple and quick. My pink cup holds 24 fl.oz of water. I try to drink 3 of those as a minimum on days I don’t workout. If I do workout, my goal is 4.5 of those. I basically only drink coffee and water. On special occasions, I will drink sweet tea, but only one 12-14 fl.oz glass. 

Implementing these simple changes has already helped me lose 4 pounds. And if you must have a dessert on occasion, give Halo ice cream a try. My word it is amazing. I also like eating half a FitJoy bar. But I try to reserve those treats after a great workout and eating habits. 


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