Calling All Alabama Women!

There are two midwifery bills in the Alabama House of Representatives, HB315 and HB316. HB316 received 35 cosponsers! (Y’all, 35 representatives agreed to sponsor the bill!!! That is serious!) Today, HB316 was put on the agenda for Wednesday (THIS WEDNESDAY!!) in the Boards, Agencies, and Commissions committee. HB316 will most likely go up for public debate! This is a HUGE step for Alabama to gain CPMs and better birth options.

I beg you to PLEASE contact the members of the BAC committee and ask them to support HB316. If you can attend the hearing on Wednesday at 10:30AM, please do so. For more information, follow ABC Action Group on FaceBook. The group has even provided the BAC committee members, their emails, and an example of an email to send. 

Give Alabama women better birth options. Birth doesn’t have to be traumatic. Birth should be empowering! 

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