Organizing the Blog

I feel like I need to organize my blog a bit better. I write on so many topics, that it can be somewhat confusing. To me, at least. So, to organize it some, here is what I’m thinking: Monday’s will be “Midwifery Monday”, Wednesday’s will be “Whatever Wednesday”, and Friday’s will be “Fitness Friday”.

The titles are fairly self explanatory. Midwifery Monday- I will be writing about midwifery and specifically the midwifery bill in Alabama. Whatever Wednesday- My writings will revolve around with whatever I write. Haha! Most likely about book or movie reviews, mom/parenting stuff, opinion pieces, recipes, and adventures going on in my life. Fitness Friday- I will be sharing my fit food recipes, workouts, and the journey of losing this baby weight. 

This way, followers, you will know when to expect topics that most interest you. 

Today was a tiring day with the kids. So, Imma eat my half of a FitJoy and go to bed; before I pass out from mom exhaustion. 

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