Love Every Day

Happy Valentine-Chocolate-Is-On-Sale Day!! That is a holiday worth celebrating. Generally, we celebrate Valentine’s Day in a low key way. Maybe go out for a nice dinner, exchange gifts; nothing over the top. Besides, that’s kinda hard to do with kids. Yesterday, we decided to stay in. We ate P.F. Chang’s freezer meal for two, made brownies, and exchanged gifts/cards. SP made cards for Daddy, Baby Brother, and me. She was in a crafty mood. Haha! 

Valentine’s Day has never been a big holiday for Hubby or I, ever. We tend to think alike regarding if you love someone, you show them everyday in many ways. Growing up, I always viewed the day to promote exclusion over inclusion. I’m one of those people who like to observe others. I observed those that didn’t have a “Valentine” to be sad, jealous, or try to keep up with the Jones by faking a significant other. Those that did have a “Valentine” often paraded the aspect, tried to out do the others, etc. Then you have schools that promote candy grams or other similar gifting fundraisers. Again, I would see people upset about not receiving anything, people using the grams as malicious pranks, or obnoxiously rubbing the gifting in others’ faces. Sometimes, I would save up my loose change or lunch money and anonymously buy grams for individuals that I noticed did nice things around the school or for me and write a nice, uplifting message. I guess you can say I can be sensitive to others’ feelings. Which when I was younger, would made me do nice things. (Now, I’m Scrooge…BaHumBug!) 

Hubby just doesn’t see the point in the holiday at all, never has. You either love someone everyday and show it, or not at all. He is definitely an all or nothing type guy. Which is one of the main reasons we match so well. I think the only reason we do anything for Valentine’s Day is because we made our relationship official on that day. Flashback to 2006, I knew Hubby through giving him horse riding lessons on occasion. We both had busy college schedules and wasn’t able to schedule regular lessons. Long story short, I had been dating a total jerk and we broke up. The week before Valentine’s Day, Hubby came over for a lesson, we were grazing the horse he had ridden and making small talk. We ended up talking about Valentine’s Day, which I revealed I would be single and mostly likely would do something with my best friend. Then, he asked me out to dinner. Now, we had hung out before, just ordering pizza and watching a movie at his place, studying together, or hanging out with his friends. He was just a great guy to hang out with. A real gentlemen with great friends. So, when he asked me to dinner on an actual date, I was wanted to give him a shot. (After dating that jerk, I decided I was going to be single and discover myself.) Well, that night, we decided to make our friendship into an official relationship, which began our celebration of Valentine’s. Something just told me to take a chance. I’m glad I listened. Hubby is my best friend, soul mate, and my cheerleader. He puts up with emotional baggage, stubborn attitude, and goofiness. We were made for each other. That’s why every day is Valentine’s Day to us. 

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