What Was I Thinkin’

I’m not exactly sure what I was thinking; but I decided to take both kids grocery shopping. I had more than one moment of “just put me out of my misery and shoot me”. First of all, LB is a solid 19 pounds. That is a lot of weight to be front carrying. He doesn’t make it easy either. To entertain himself, he kicks his legs, plays  squish Mommy’s boobs with his hands and face, and drools all over the front of me. Fun stuff! SP is a totally different level. She wants to investigate everything I put into the cart, bother her baby brother strapped to me, and talks the entire time about anything and everything. It can be overwhelming. I was so ready to feed them lunch and put them down for nap. That’s when I get to eat and *fingers crossed* take a nap too. I was able to lay down for a 40 minute nap. Although it felt like 5 minutes. 

Let’s just say I’m more than ready for bed. Haha! For a few days now, SP has been talking about Valentine’s Day and wanting do something special for her Daddy. So, today she got the notion that she wanted to bake him cookies. It was one of the main discussions in the grocery store. “I wanna make Daddy cookies! Bake cookies with me Momma! Please Momma!” Well, how am I supposed to say no to that?! Then I found chocolate chip cookie mix on BOGO. (Buy one get one free). So after supper, SP was allowed to stay up later to help me make Daddy cookies. She was one happy little girl…and Daddy was happy to have chocolate chip cookies. 

I try to use these moments in the kitchen to educate her on LB’s PKU diet. He will not be allowed to have ordinary chocolate chip cookies. Surprisingly she understands enough to not give him the food, but doesn’t understand why he has to be different. She is so insightful for her age. I do know she loves him very much. She tells him every day that they are best friends for life. It is the one time the tears streaming down my face are from pure joy, not PPD. 


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