This weekend might get cray cray! (Is that term even used anymore?) While Hubby and SP are off hunting like Elmer Fudd, I’m diffusing my calming oil trio, reading my new book, watching a few episodes of The Crown on Netflix, and munching on Chicken Salad Chick’s Barbie-Q chicken salad with pita chips and grape salad. Mr. LB accompanied me grocery shopping this morning after we helped the hunting duo hit the road. Actually, while I shopped, he was sound asleep in the Boba carrier. I’ve always felt so connected with the kids while baby wearing. Of course, SP didn’t weigh 17 pounds at 4 months either. Goodness, LB is heavy! Tomorrow we will take a ride downtown to pick up Daddy’s Valentine/Birthday present. I ordered it early thinking it could take several weeks for it to be built. But no, I received a call from the company on Wednesday to come pick it up. I also want to work in a run and workout. I couldn’t workout yesterday, because it was raining. I tried doing an indoor kettle bell workout, but LB was so fussy. I ended up just holding him and trying to keep him calm.

One of the many downsides to LB’s PKU, is that we have to work closely with a dietitian. As LB grows, the dietitian figures out how much medical formula to normal formula LB can consume before reaching a high “PHE” level. A week ago the dietitian emailed me a new concentration of formula, but same volume, and to add rice cereal to his diet. Well, I explained at our October appointment I would not be introducing any solid foods before 6 months of age. Pediatric studies have repeatedly shown that the infant digestive system is not ready for solid foods at 4 months. Solid foods should OT be introduced until 6 months of age. Grains, such as rice, shouldn’t be introduced until 9 months due to the lack of gut bacteria to properly break it down. Anyway, it annoyed me that the dietitian obviously didn’t note my concern in his chart. I wrote he back, reminding her my position on introducing rice cereal before 6 months of age, and added that he would need more volume added to his formula. She advised me that his “PHE” level was within treatment range, but at the top of the limits and to give him the concentrated formula. After two days of trying the concentrated formula, LB was still hungry. I emailed the dietitian informing her he needed more volume. Now, this has been going on almost for a full week. I notice LB is increasingly fussy, becoming slow to respond to stimuli, and slightly groggy or in a fog. All of these are signs of a high “PHE” level. I emailed the dietitian yesterday since I hadn’t received a new formula volume. She hadn’t even began to work on it. I was so angry! This could seriously affect our son. I haven’t been impressed with her and this really solidified my concerns. I received his”PHE” level results today, which would be from the blood sample I took last week; and they were above the treatment range. The highest it has been since he began the medical formula. Needless to say, I am not a happy mother. This whole ordeal has been taxing on me. It is a prime example of something that increases my struggle with postpartum depression even more. And to think, it all could have been prevented if someone had paid more attention to their email. The dietitian did send me a higher volume formula recipe just before LB’s last feeding for the night. So today was his first day on it. While he was more satisfied, I’m afraid he is going to need a little more volume. I am worried about his “PHE” level. He seemed a little out of it again today. Unfortunately, the breakdown of “PHE” is different for each person. While one may immediately breakdown the “PHE” after a diet change, someone else may take a week or two with diet change. Also, the threshold of damage from “PHE” is different for each person too. All of it is overwhelming and concerning. I just want to keep LB as healthy as possible. My biggest fear is to inadvertently cause neurological or mental damage because I didn’t do enough for him. I think we really needed this weekend together. It is nice to have some just us time. 

Of course, I miss my SP and Hubby. I can’t wait to have them back home. 


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