Busy, I Am

Last week turned out to be a busy week, which means I tend to slip up on blogging. Tuesdays are spent driving SP to preschool, driving home to accomplish as many house chores as possible, driving back to SP’s school to pick her up, drive back home to feed both kids lunch, tuck in both kids for nap, during that time I eat lunch, complete quiet house chores/food prep, wake both kids, give on-the-go snacks, drive to gymnastics, feed LB/watch SP, drive/sit in traffic to go home, prepare supper/prepare LB’s formula, eat supper, give baths, tuck kids into bed, and finally look at my husband to determine our level of brain mush. We go to bed. Wednesdays are usually recovery days. After I drop SP off at school, I take LB for a run to de-stress. Well, with the whirlwind of Tuesday, I forgot SP’s preschool opened registration. Wednesday I spent the evening filling out her PK4 registration and crying. How in the world she is old enough to be going into PK4?! I’m fairly certain she was just a newborn. Right? It hit me…next is Kindergarten. THE. BIG. SCHOOL. THE. REAL. DEAL. I am definitely in that point of motherhood where I am so excited to see her take on the next adventure in life; but so heartbroken she needs me less. Just another thing to add to the “Coping List”.

My parents visited over the weekend. We were able to finally exchange Christmas gifts. Since the parents arrived on Friday, blogging didn’t even cross my mind. The husband and I were able to go on a date to see the Star Wars movie, Rouge One. I really need to re-watch the Star War movies. 

We had a hard time deciding between the Star Wars movie and the new Underworld movie. We picked the Star Wars because we couldn’t remember one thing from the previous Underworld. (That’s what happens when you have kids. You can’t remember anything.) 

Today, I saw my parents off for their drive back home. I had to take LB to a pediatrician appointment for his final vaccines this afternoon. Poor guy was so tired and ready for nap. Unfortunately it was a short nap for both. This evening they were fussy and needed bedtime. Heck, I’m fussy and need bedtime. HAHA! I’m trying to disconnect before bed, in hopes to calm my mind, and prepare my mind for a restful sleep. I love to read and find myself not having the time. So, the main way I disconnect is by reading a chapter or two before bed. I have a huge list of books I want to read and a huge stack I need to read. Maybe with this new change I can reduce the pile of books on my nightstand. (Nah, who am I kidding. There are always more books that need reading.)


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