May the Sass Be With You

Today was a parenting challenge. I’m not sure if it was because she was able to rest so much from the flu last week or what. But the sass was strong with that one. SP managed to push every single button of mine, multiple times. I would tell her no, she would do it anyway. I would tell her to do something, and she wouldn’t. I won’t even go into the talking back. As punishment, she lost several favorite toys and must earn them back through obedience. I notice she tends to act out after being sick or her routine being disrupted.


You gotta admit those memes are hilarious!

Yet, during their naptime I was the one ugly crying on the couch feeling like the biggest failure ever. Normally I wouldn’t be ugly crying over it, but just feeling a little crappy. However, I’m not my normal self. (I’m either crying because I’m happy or sad. My husband just gives me a deer in the head light look and scurries off.) I found this little inspirational quote:


It is true. I have to remember I’m not a failure. I’m just being a mom…and it is hard some days. I mean, let’s think about this. Who do you think she inherited this sass from? That’s right. When I’m getting on to her…I’m really getting on to a miniature version of myself. I’m sure my mom and grandmother could tell you the sass was strong with me too. Tomorrow will be better…

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