Different The Second Time

I was going through my maternity photos today and couldn’t believe the difference between my weight. I am 35 weeks in both of these pictures. The first one was in 2013 with SP. I weighed about 205. The second picture was in 2016 with LB. I weighed almost 145.

In 2013, I walked and did pre-natal yoga for exercise. (And those nearly killed me.) In 2016, I lifted weights, ran, pre-natal yoga, and swam. As for as diet in 2013, I ate whatever I wanted. The second time around, I carefully watched my food intake. I stayed on an 80/20 diet. I gained the healthy 20-30 pounds necessary for pregnancy.

So many times you hear women say “I’m eating for two!” Pregnancy is not the time to have unhealthy eating habits. If anything, it is the time to watch the foods you consume. I learned that the hard way. It took me the next 3 years to lose the weight. (I hope it doesn’t take me that long to lose this baby weight!) With the new year starting it is the perfect time to begin a weight loss regiment. Go ahead and commit to healthy eating habits and regular exercise.

Don’t forget I am taking this week off to be with family for Christmas. I will be back January 2nd, 2017. In the mean time, be thinking about your new life goals for 2017.

I hope everyone has a jubilant Christmas/Holidays!


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