Is it only Wednesday?! Gosh, I feel like it should be much later in the week. This week is not going as I had planned. Saturday is our Christmas party. I was hoping for a nice week of cleaning, organizing my sewing/embroidering area, and cooking. I even signed up SP for an extended lunch program at school to buy a couple of extra hours. But, no, this week has been hectic.

Monday, SP was still feeling under the weather from a nasty stomach bug. Half of her class caught the bug and had it Thursday night/Friday morning. I lysol’d everything in this house. Thankfully, LB didn’t catch it. However, disinfecting everything and washing her laundry took most of the day. She was super clingy, whiney, and refused to eat. Plus, our internet keeps going in and out. I did address our Christmas cards and get some presents wrapped. That’s why I didn’t blog my recipes.

Tuesday, was a preschool day. I had hoped to go for a run, finish wrapping all the gifts, do some house cleaning, and go grocery shopping. Nope! My furniture was delivered. I was able to do some laundry and make the grocery list. It rained, so I couldn’t run. I did vacuum the upstairs. Last night our microwave decided to die. Really. It was icing on the cake. I was warming up SP’s mac and cheese. I thought the food should be warm enough, took the mac and cheese out, and it was still cold. Then suddenly the microwave made a pop sound and turned off. Let me tell you, you never know how much you use a microwave until you don’t have one. I re-heat my coffee a lot more than I thought.

Today, I dropped SP off at school, ran back home to feed LB, went to the grocery store, unloaded all the groceries, fed LB again, and left to pick SP up. It rained the whole morning. Most of my time is spent driving from one place to another. I didn’t sit down to eat lunch until 2:40. Afterwards I got to work unloading the dishwasher, loading it back up to wash more dishes, hand washing some dishes, doing laundry, cleaning toilets, and organizing our mail pile. I was supposed to fill out LB’s PKU food record tonight, but wasn’t able to. Our landlord is so nice. He came right over after work to install the new microwave. Yay for re-heated coffee in the morning! I found out that all of the Huggies reward codes I had been saving is completely worthless now. Tonight I sat down to try to enter them. Surprise! They aren’t doing reward codes anymore. I’m extremely angry, since I was emailing them in June about having issues with their website and the codes. They didn’t mention that they were rolling out a new program in July. I also lost the rewards I had…thousands of rewards. Thanks for the heads up Huggies. You have no problem spamming my email with your worth sweepstakes crap. Yet, you can’t let me know the real reason I was having issues with the rewards codes and your website was because you were phasing it out. Just grand!

In the morning, I will get up extra early to do LB’s PKU food record, lab paperwork, and blood test sheet in the morning. SP has a special Christmas program at school that will take up my morning. Then there is gymnastics in the evening. I will have to cook supper, collect LB’s blood test sample, baths, and finally bed.

Friday will be a day of cooking for the party. At this rate, I might be too tired to party. Haha!

Also, I noticed that the connection between the blog and facebook has disconnected, yet again. I will try to re-blog those posts. Now, for me to go to sleep!



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