Here, have some germs with that.


When you hear that word from your 3.5 year old from the top of the stairs when she should be in bed asleep, it is never a good thing. When I picked SassyPants up from pre-school yesterday, she said she was ready for lunch then nap. She wanted to be “all rested for gymnastics”. We went to gymnastics, she gave the coaches a run for their money, and we headed home. It nearly takes us an hour to get home, although the gym is only 10 miles away from us. Yeah, we sit in traffic for a looooong time…every Thursday. She began complaining about her tummy hurting some. SP will complain about her tummy hurting when she is hungry. It is one of her sensory quirks, where she has a hard time distinguishing between hunger and actual tummy pain. I told her we will eat yummy pancakes as soon as we got home. She seemed tired, but overall fine as we tucked her into bed. An hour later, I heard “Moooommmmyyyy!” I knew we were going to have an issue. That issue was a stomach bug. Apparently it has wiped out half of her class last night and this morning. My amazing husband dealt with her all night until 4:30am, when he had to go to work. I took over and she was sick a few more times. She is finally doing better and holding down/in food and liquids. Unfortunately, LB developed a little congestion yesterday, which has turned into a cough, and now he is fighting sleep. LB does not fight sleep. He welcomes it with open arms. He is extremely fussy at the moment. I hope he doesn’t have this stomach bug or any other illness. Not only is it concerning because he is just 3 months, but we have to be careful with what medications he can have with PKU. Any sickness will raise his PHE levels, but nowadays more and more medications have artificial sweeteners in them. Aspartame is a huge “no-no” for him. I tell you, PKU has been a gift that just keeps giving. (Total sarcasm here. I don’t think his PKU is a gift/blessing/or in any way, shape, or form a positive for him or us.) Honestly, I’m just hoping he is letting me know that he is ready for a feeding schedule change and maybe a formula/dietary mixture change. He is growing so fast. On Sunday, he will be 3 months old. He is already 15 pounds. I need to measure his length, last time it was 24.5 inch long. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was 25.5 by now. With all of his growing, he requires new formula amounts often. However, we have to notify his dietician and she will calculate the new formula mixture and amount we can give him to control his PHE level. Anyway, as you can imagine I look like a tired hot mess. I have been disinfecting, cleaning, laundry, and keeping the kids away from one another. I was hoping for a nap, but no such luck.

I decided to go ahead and write my post because I am going to be social tonight. GASP! I know, me social. It’s a scary notion. I am accompanying a friend to an essential oils class this evening. I am really looking forward to it. I will have to let you know about it on Monday. Truthfully, I should be doing the dishes and addressing our Christmas card. I need to get them in the mail tomorrow along with a box of items for a friend. I probably should be changing out of my t shirt and yoga pants that are covered in spit up and putting on some makeup. Yet, here I am writing on the blog-a-roo.

 I wanted to include two recipes. However, I cannot figure out how to access my photos on my iPhone from my iPad to upload them on here. I guess I will include those on my Monday post, along with my essential oils info.

Whelp, look at the time! I need to be warming up LB’s bottle for a feeding and waking SP from her nap. Sometimes, I feel like the white rabbit in Alice In The Wonderland, always looking at my watch and saying, “I’m late! I’m late. Oh, dear, I’m late!” Have a wonderful weekend! 

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