To say I am tired is an understatement. I’ve been up since 5am. I don’t go to bed until after 11pm most nights. Today was a total struggle in accomplishing my “to do list”. For some reason, I got the insane idea to take the kids for pictures with Santa at the mall…by myself. All in all, it wasn’t that bad. Santa got there at 10; I was there at 10:30am. We were able to walk right up for pictures. SP had a funny Ralph from The Christmas Story movie moment with Santa. He asked her what she wanted and she couldn’t think of anything. There was just so much to see and hear in the Santa Wonderland area for her to think. He asked her if she wanted a doll. She replied with an “uhhh” and then began saying “woof, woof dolls”. I told him she loved Paw Patrol. That snapped her back to reality and she said, “Yes, I like Paw Patrol dogs!” It made me chuckle.

While I was at the mall, I decided to do a little shopping that I would have had to carve out some time during my weekend to do. My weekend is already packed with errands. I don’t think I could possibly add anymore. Heck, my whole month is booked.

Today, I wanted to organize my cake decorating cabinet in hopes to free up some space. I have LB’s PKU formula mixing tools on the counter. I would like to find a spot for them in a cabinet. I needed to move SP’s kitchen set up to the upstairs playroom to allow LB’s playpen in the downstairs playroom. (It is supposed to be a formal dining room. I don’t want to find a dining table set until we are in a more permanent living arrangement.) There just isn’t enough time in the day to complete chores and play with the kids.

I did make it a point to wrap some gifts tonight. SP was starting to snoop and figure out that some of those gifts could be hers. I’m still waiting on several of the hubby’s gifts from me to ship. I tend to stress about these things. Ah, who am I kidding?! I stress about everything!

I don’t know about you; but I have the hardest time not telling my husband what I’ve bought him. I just want to share the excitement with him. He is my best friend after all. I know he will love the gifts from the kids too.

Wednesday’s post will be much better than this. I have a recipe I want to share. I feel like this post is a bunch of ramblings. But its better than nothing!


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