So Much To Do

I dropped the blogging ball on Wednesday. I was busy ordering Christmas gifts, which took forever. I was in bed dozing off and it dawned on me; I didn’t blog! The days just run together during these busy times.

I am sleeping in until 6am. Whoop, whoop! I will miss drinking coffee and watching an episode of Gilmore Girls before I have to step into mom mode though.

I have got to slip out of the house to buy a few Christmas presents. It is so much easier to shop without the kids. I took SP and LB with me to TJ Maxx today. I found out the hard way that the car seat doesn’t fit inside the tiny buggy. So I had to tote LB (who weighs 14 lbs now) in the car seat all over the crowded store with an excited handsy SP wanting to touch every shiny glass object. Overall she did fairly well. Of course, an aisle over from us we heard the crash of glass. SP looked at me with wide eyes and loudly said, “Oooo, somebody didn’t keep hands to themselves. Huh, mama?” Laughing, I told her no, they didn’t. An older lady on our aisle looked at me and said, “I bet you’re glad it wasn’t her (SP) breaking something.” Boy, that lady had no idea how happy I was.

I am hoping to finish up the Christmas decorating this weekend. I have a 10ft Bumble inflatable to put up. I cannot wait! I just love the classic Rudolph show. I DVR’d it to show SP. Hopefully we can squeeze that in too.

Tomorrow will be difficult for me in a way. It is National PKU Awareness Day. During this holiday season, one thing has kept coming to my mind. How much the holidays revolve around food. Thanksgiving is a day centered around eating with family and friends. Christmas is filled with social opportunities with eating involved. Heck, the South’s culture is centered around food. And LB cannot partake in that. Not only can he not eat most foods, but he has to measure and record what he does eat. He will never taste my Grandmother’s chicken and dressing, chicken and dumplings, or biscuits. As I sat down to eat my Thanksgiving lunch, I realized there wasn’t one thing LB could eat. As I was planning my Christmas party menu, there wasn’t one item listed that he could eat. As a Southern mama, it is a slap in my face not to be able to serve my son the food I am so proud of. I only have three more months before I have to start introducing him to solid foods. And truthfully, I’m terrified. What if I unknowingly give him something he isn’t supposed to have? What if I make his PHE level too high? What if his sister gives him food he cannot have when I’m not looking? How am I supposed to deny him a cookie when his sister can have one? I think of all of these what ifs constantly. Navigating PKU is our new norm.



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