Get Back To It

Whoa! I almost forgot to blog tonight. Actually, it might have helped if I remembered that it was Monday. Also, I’ve watched Gilmore Girls every night this week. (I love GG!) It’s become a routine. I want to watch every episode. I wanted to watch them all before the new ones, but that didn’t happen. I mean, I do have to that mom jig. The husband doesn’t share my GG sentiments, so he gets a pre-nap in before bed. It is a win-win for us. I am waiting on my best friend to finish watching the new ones so we can discuss them. Some of our best memories involve watching tv, movies, or horses. It is a good thing we do not live together anymore, neither of us would leave the house until our GG binge was over. Haha! It would be the Roswell show all over again. (We binge watched that over the course of a day. Time totally slipped away from us.)

Our Thanksgiving was wonderful and low key. We shared a delicious meal with friends. (SassyPants and their girls go to school together.) Our girls played their little hearts out. Us adults ate our stomachs full. It was nice time!

The next day the husband, kiddos, and I went out to buy our Christmas tree. We’ve slowly been decorating. It was great getting to spend time together as a family without being in a rush. It seems like we are always in a rush. We try to make sure we slow it down during holidays.

December will be a crazy month for us, between get togethers and school programs. We will be due for another family break just in time for Christmas.


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