Thankful To Give

I cannot believe Thanksgiving is next week. I feel like November has flown by so quickly. Before I know it, Christmas will be here.

Something that I have always loved doing around Christmas is adopting a child to give gifts. Our church works with a local agency that provides for needy children and their families. The church sets up Angel Trees in common areas. Then people can pick a paper angel ornament. The ornament will have an age, gender, and requests for items as gifts. It breaks my heart to think of children that do not receive gifts for Christmas due to various reasons. Some of these kids are in children’s homes (aka orphanages), foster care, or living in poverty. I really don’t like using the phrase “I am blessed.”; but I am fortunate to be provided for abundantly. I always have. I remember going to school with kids whose families could not afford gifts for them. Or the family had to shop at Goodwill or thrift stores for clothes and a gift or two. It broke my heart. I am incredibly grateful to be in a position where I can provide gifts to children in need. I am incredibly grateful for my husband who has a big heart for these kids too. We decided we would pick out one boy and one girl to provide for. Last night the husband told me I could pick out one more angel if I wanted to. I was doubtful there would be any left. I was barely able to pick out the young girl with SP. So today while dropping off SP, I noticed one single paper angel ornament on the tree. I felt like that angel was for us.

This weekend we are going to go shopping for these angels. I am going to teach SP about gift giving. I’m not sure if she will totally understand the concept. But I hope to raise both of my kids to understand how fortunate they are. I hope I am able to raise them to be compassionate toward everyone and extend a helping hand.

I think that is what Thanksgiving and Christmas is all about. Being thankful for the ability to give, no matter what it is.

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