2 Months & Change

LB is growing so fast. Y’all, he began sleeping through the night on Friday after a formula adjustment. We decided to move him from the bassinet next to our bed to his crib in the nursery. While he slept in our room, we moved his changing table and rocking chair in there too. Now that I’ve moved them back into the nursery, the room seems so empty. I miss hearing his snores and grunts. The extra sleep is amazing though. Today was LB’s two month wellness appointment. He weighs 13 lbs 8oz and is 23″ long. If he continues to grow at this rate, he will not fit into his car seat at six months old. It is a race to see if he exceeds the weight or height limit first. He is a little fussier than normal tonight because of his vaccines. SP was always fussier after her vaccines too. 

Speaking of SP, she has a Thanksgiving program at her school on Thursday. Her class must be singing a little song with a dance, because I catch her singing about a turkey and dancing in her playroom. It is incredibly cute. Of course, she could have made up her own little song and dance. Her imagination is vast. I love playing pretend with her because you never know what she will come up with. She gets so silly. It usually ends with us both laughing hysterically. 

I love watching LB and SP interact. He gives her the biggest smiles and swats at her. She gives him kisses, hugs, and talks to him all the time. I cannot even imagine what it will be like when LB can interact more or chase her around. The amount of love that is already between them is astounding. 

I am going to begin reading a new book called The Ministry of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson. Another mom and I are going to read it together and discuss it over coffee, while our kids are in school together. I really enjoy SP’s new school. Everyone is so friendly. The class is small enough that us moms are able to do play dates and get to know each other. It is such a different environment. It is nice making friends. 

As with all of my other books, there will be a review. 😉

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