Monday Ramblings

Whew, Mondays after a trip are usually busy. I’m glad I decided to buy groceries yesterday, instead of waiting until today. I agreed to a play date at a nearby park for SassyPants this morning. I didn’t realize the pile of laundry I needed to wash, dry, and fold for today. I needed to stay home and conquer that. SassyPants was extra sassy today for some reason. She always is after a trip. I think it is her way of processing missing the fun and her family. Needless to say, I am tired. Thankfully, I have an amazing husband who helped me fold and hang the clothes this evening after bathing SassyPants. I bathed LB. We wanted to build my squat rack. I am turning a corner in the garage into a home gym. We were both too tired. Maybe tomorrow tonight!

Our trip was refreshing. I spent Saturday morning at the Pike Road Arts and Crafts Festival with my mother-in-law. We had a blast looking at everything and bonding. I even ran into some friends that I miss dearly. SassyPants, her Daddy, and her Pop went down to the farm to ride tractors. She had a blast running around and being a farm girl. That afternoon, I went to my hometown of Reeltown with LB to visit my grandmother and parents. They were excited to spend a few hours with him. That was my parents first time meet their grandson.

Every time I go back I am reminded how much I want to raise the kids on a farm. We both are reminded of that.

On a totally different topic…I have been enjoying watching Gilmore Girls. I forgot how much I liked the show! I’m still in season one. I don’t think I will finish before the new episodes come out. Re-watching the show has confirmed my suspicions of newer shows having shorter seasons and less content within the episodes. I was afraid to re-watch the show, actually. You know how you remember really enjoying something, then many years later trying to do it again; just to find it not as enjoyable as you previously remembered. Then it kind of ruins the whole memory for you. Ok, maybe that sounds weird. There have been songs I was obsessed with to later listen to it now and think the song is awful. The same with some movies and other shows. I guess that means you’ve matured as a person. At least that is what I’m going to continue to tell myself. 

Well, I think it is time for bed. That alarm rings early. Plus, the time change has my internal clock all out of whack. 


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