Candy Up To My Eyes

SassyPants had a blast trick-or-treating Monday night. Our section of the neighborhood didn’t have many treat-or-treaters at all. It was a positive for SP because people were handing out huge handfuls of candy. SP planned our costumes months ago. She wanted everyone to be astronauts, except for me. I was to be an alien. And that is what I was for her. She was so happy. We were all exhausted afterwards. By the time I got her out of costume, settled her down, got her in bed; it was too late to blog. Now, we have a ton of candy that I don’t neccessarily want us eating. (Especially me, with my weak will power.) I seriously ate 5 of her candy bars while watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix today. (It’s called Mommy Tax.) I need a candy intervention and to workout.

Now with LB, I’m not able to workout at the gym. (Gyms around here do not offer childcare.) The husband bought me a squat rack with a bar and weights today. He is going to set me up a weight area in the garage. I’m pretty excited about it. I’ve been going on walks and adding some jogging. I have to be careful with my knees once I’ve taken a running break. They tend to swell and ache if I push too hard. I need to refocus on my diet too. For instances, cutting out the candy. You can’t out work a bad diet. I quit lifting weights about 5 months ago; and light jogging/fast walking about 4 months ago. Then, the last month and a half of the pregnancy my diet went down the drain for the most part. I seriously do need to sugar and carb detox. 

On a different note, yesterday, I had a mother’s horror movie moment happen. I had time to watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix before picking up SP from preschool. LB was sound asleep. I began an episode…and 10 minutes into it…THE INTERNET WENT OUT! I lost Netflix. Then, I decided trying to watch a show on the cable. I wasn’t able to choose another channel…it was stuck on the Disney channel. I WAS FORCED TO WATCH SOFIA THE FIRST! I was so disappointed. I ended up turning off the tv and reading. It was nice having a moment of peace…a very short moment. 

Today was emotionally draining. I think every crappy driver was out while I was driving. This morning I was running a couple of minutes behind because LB decided he needed to blow his diaper out after I had buckled him in the car seat and loaded his big sister up. Yay! Then, I drive down our driveway and there is a ultility worker standing in the driveway taking pictures of his spray paint art in our yard. I had to verbally ask him to move, and he still stood there to take a few more pictures. I was about to lose my temper. As soon as I got on the road, I got behind one slow driver after another. A 20 minute drive turned into a 35 minute drive. It was the same coming back home, going back to pick SP up, and coming back home for lunch. Slow drivers on their cell phones, all over the road. I couldn’t wait for nap time. Whew! Tonight the husband had to work late. So, I had to put SP down myself. She was so sad that Daddy wasn’t here to put her down for bed. Speaking of bed, I’m ready to put myself down. Sleep well!


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