The small things

The husband decided to sign us up for Netflix today. We are now addicted to the show Stranger Things. I’m also excited to watch the shows The Crown and Gilmore Girls coming up too. Not that I have a ton of time to watch television. 

Actually, our date night has turned into us watching tv with LB after tucking in SP. Yeah, we’re a wild bunch these days, staying up until 10 pm and sharing funny memes. People better watch out. Isn’t it amazing how parenthood changes things? The small things are so big.

I had my 6 weeks postpartum appointment today. I can’t believe it has been 6 weeks since I delivered our son. I am fully healed and have been cleared to begin working out again. I had been walking with some jogging, but now I can start back lifting weights and running. I need it too. I gained 5 pounds on top of the 20 from the pregnancy.  I need to work on my diet, like drinking water instead of sweet tea. The hardest thing is to re-motivate myself to add workouts and healthy eating back into my busy lifestyle. Hopefully, keeping myself accountable through blogging will help. For me, living a healthy lifestyle isn’t to look a certain way, although that is a nice perk; but to have the ability to chase my kiddos around, to feel healthy, and to keep my body running correctly. Exercise also helps with your mental state. Lately, I’ve been struggling with anxiety and depression more. Introducing my healthy diet and workouts, my mental health should also improve. 

Thankfully this weekend is an easy going one. The usual weekend seemed to be filled to the max with pressing matters. It will be nice to slow down. I do plan on taking SP to her gymnastics gym grand opening. They are opening a separate part for just the little kids. I don’t want her first time at the new place to be during a class. That could prove too much distraction for her, which could mean getting into trouble or having a sensory meltdown. I am proud of SP though. Her sensory meltdowns have become less frequent and she is becoming more social, especially at school. She comes home and tells me all about her day and about classmates. It just warms my heart. 

It is my bedtime now. I don’t know how I am functioning to write this. Haha! Until Monday…have a great weekend! 


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