I cannot even describe the excitement SP has for Halloween. We’ve been doing crafts, coloring, reading spooky books, and watching spooky movies. She loves Halloween as much as I do. We’ve even been hiding around the house and scaring each other. The kid really doesn’t fear much. She loves to be scared. I will jump out at her, she screams, and then laughs hysterically. I think it is the cutest thing ever. I allowed her to try on her astronaut costume this evening. It is a little big, but she will love using it for pretend too. I bought her the Melissa and Doug play and pretend costume. It seems to be of great quality for the price. 

Today she had show & tell at school. She brought and read one of her favorite Halloween books, 10 Timid Ghosts. Her favorite Halloween book is “Big Pumpkin”, but it is too long to read for a class setting. All month long I read Halloween themed books to her. I also do the same for November and December with the corresponding holidays to those months. I was hoping to go to the library for new books to rotate the readings. However, I just didn’t find the time to go by there. Hopefully, I can check out Thanksgiving and Christmas books in the next coming months.

Tomorrow her preschool is walking them over to a nursing home right behind the school to trick-or-treat. She is dressing as the Disney Princess Merida because she is a “brave girl”. As any kid, she just wants the candy. Haha! 

LB is growing like a weed. I gave him a bath last night, which means I weighed him too. He is 11 lbs 11.5 oz! I had to remove his newborn insert in the car seat this morning. I just cannot believe how much and fast he is growing. It makes me a little sad too. I must sign off though, because it is almost time for LB’s feeding. I’ve been having trouble sleeping, hopefully I can achieve some restful sleep tonight.


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