Eeeeet,Errrrrt, Aaaaaant…No Connection

I hope you noticed that I didn’t blog at all last week. If you didn’t, well, that’s disappointing. Let me give you the inside story. I live in Savannah, GA; which is on the Eastern coast of the US. (For my international readers) Hurricane Matthew decided to make his path right up the coast. The husband, the 3 yr. old, the almost 1 month old, and I had to evacuate our house. The only place we knew to go was back to our home state of Alabama. My crazy parents drove to Miami, FL to catch a cruise ship the day before the hurricane hit that area. They survived and went on an awesome cruise vacation. While they were riding out the hurricane in Miami, we stayed in my childhood home. I have a whole other post about that trip to publish. So, fast forward to Monday of last week. We left my parent’s house and drove back to Savannah. That drive was long. We had to stop to eat twice, feed the baby 3 times, and encountered heavy traffic as we got closer to Savannah. It was late when we got back. No blogging that night. I wake up Tuesday morning, allow the daughter to watch tv while I cook breakfast and feed her baby brother. Nap time rolls around, I get the kids to sleep, and get excited about working on my blog post. I get some typed and become quite tired. I decide to take a little nap myself. I wake up a few minutes early and decide to work on my post a little bit more. Oh no, not happening. OUR CABLE AND INTERNET IS DOWN! I text the husband and told him to contact the service provider. They tell us it will be back on by 6 that evening. That didn’t happen. My husband contacts them again on Wednesday. They tell him it will be back by 4:30 that afternoon. That didn’t happen either. By this point, we are angry. Thursday, my husband contacts them again. They don’t know when it will be restored, but hopefully by the weekend. Saturday, nothing. The husband, angry to be missing the football games, contacts them again. They tell him it will not be back until Tuesday at 6pm. Finally, on Sunday, I noticed our cable box lights began changing. Our cable and internet were restored! Hallelujah!

That is the inside scoop to our disconnected week. I missed blogging and have a lot of material to publish. Yet, I did enjoy being able to spend my evenings reading. I hope to be more regular on blogging from now on. If the Internet was not back on by tonight, I was going to sit in my car, that has wi-fi, and type up this post on my phone. I am that dedicated to my readers. Haha! Let’s hope for no more Internet or cable disconnections for awhile. 


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