I have zero excuses for not blogging on Friday. I just plain forgot it was Friday! It didn’t help that my husband bought us iPhone 7’s for our 7th year anniversary (next week). I was playing on that and lost all track of time.

I had an iPhone 4s before. When it updated to the ios system for the iPhone 6; it began crashing and not running properly. I switched to a Samsung. Big mistake! I had constant issues with that phone and system. I strayed from Apple; but I am back.

My 30th birthday is Wednesday. I planned on going back home and having a girls’ night out with a few of my friends. However, I thought our son would be born earlier than his due date. Now, I am uncomfortable leaving him at only 3 weeks old. (Not that I don’t trust my husband to handle both kids for a weekend. I just don’t want to do that to him…yet.) Needless to say, we will not be doing anything too wild and crazy for my birthday or our anniversary. I do hope to take the kids to a nearby pumpkin patch this weekend. We also have some family Fall photos to do.

The pumpkin patches around here are a bit of a disappointment compared to the ones back home. The best patch is nearly two hours away. The kids aren’t going to last for that. So, we go to one that is about 40 minutes away. We get to pick pumpkins out of a patch, walk through a small corn maze, and feed some goats. It is a small family farm. Back home, a number of patches have you pick pumpkins, corn mazes, hayrides, bounce houses, petting zoo, and more. Savannah’s culture is very different from back home. While I love somethings about Savannah, I definitely miss the Fall season back home.

Hopefully we can make a visit soon.

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