Where’s The AC?

I didn’t have the chance to blog Monday night. Monday was an insane day without naps. That evening the baby was super fussy too. On top of that, I wanted to watch the Presidential debate. (I didn’t watch the whole thing because I was so tired.) The past week and a half has been a blur of fury. Honestly, I don’t know how I am functioning with the lack of sleep and amount of stress I have. We live in a two story house and each level has its own AC unit. The upstairs unit has been going in and out for over two weeks. In June or July, we had issues with our downstairs unit not cooling. Our landlords spent a pretty penny having it repaired. Then, around the beginning of September, we noticed the upstairs wasn’t cooling off as usual. Right after the birth of our son, the AC quit cooling for a couple of days, then start again. We love our landlords and thought maybe we need to change the filters or the weather is just hotter than normal. Then, it happened. The upstairs AC quit cooling completely. This is our bedroom area, people. With a newborn, we were already running low on sleep. So, we made the landlord call. Our son was almost a week old, we’re without air, my MIL is leaving to go back to Alabama before my postpartum recovery time, our daughter develops a sinus infection, I’m having breastfeeding issues, and little did I know; but I am about to be put through the emotional ringer with a personal issue that I’m not quite ready to discuss yet. I’m still navigating through the emotions and not ready to share the matter until I can get a handle on those. Needless to say, we are going through a stressful patch of life at a time that should be happier. Back to the AC issue, we were able to have a repair guy come out that Saturday (almost two weeks ago now) and “fix” the issue; but inform us that both AC units needed to be replaced. We had AC again…until Sunday night/Monday morning…it began blowing hot air into the upstairs. Our landlords needed to discuss their options. Replacing two AC units was going to be expensive. It was so hot and stuffy, that I began sleeping downstairs on the couch with the baby in his sleeper swing. He was so fussy because it wasn’t that cool downstairs either. Truthfully, we were all extremely irritable from the lack of restful sleep. Unfortunately, we had to wait until Friday (a whole week has past without AC upstairs) until it could be fixed. Friday comes, and the AC guy couldn’t come and fix it. He did come by to check out the jobsite and found the job to be much bigger than he thought. And he was nice enough to replace the freon to give us some cool air for part of the weekend. He couldn’t do the job until Monday though. So, we suffered through the weekend. Thank goodness it was overcast and rained some. That kept the house a little cooler.

Now, we are on Monday again. It takes ALL DAY to repair both AC units. No AC during that time, with a toddler and newborn and hardly any sleep…like 2.5 hours worth of sleep. Guess what! You can’t nap with repair men going in and out of the house and installing AC units! Thankfully, we finally have cold air! That’s why I didn’t blog. I was mentally and physically exhausted. Any blog post most likely wouldn’t have made any sense.

I was able to sleep in my own bed last night. It was miraculous! Almost as amazing as getting a day to relax…



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