The After Body

Let’s talk about post-partum bodies. I am 10 days post-partum and trying to figure out this new body. I was keeping track of my weight gain throughout the pregnancy. I knew I wanted to stay within the healthy limits of 20-35 pounds. I ended up gaining 40 pounds.

When I made the decision to take my daughter out of pre-school right before May, I knew my days of going to the gym were over. I tried maintaining a schedule of pre-natal yoga, walking, and healthy eating to stay healthy. Unfortunately, when you go from jogging 3 miles and lifting weights 4 days a week to a much lighter workout; the muscle built begins to deteriorate. I would say the last month really got me. Because I went into pre-term labor with my daughter, the midwives wanted to be cautious and told me to go lay down anytime I felt contractions. For me, that was anytime I was moving around. I had to make it to 37 weeks to deliver at the birth center. My husband was bringing home supper for us, which wasn’t the healthiest options. I finally hit 37 weeks and the midwives approved me to go back to normal activities, which included my walking, yoga, and housework. I was able to cook healthier foods too. This made my weight gain slow back down.

Now, 10 days later; I’ve lost 20 pounds. However, my pre-pregnancy bottoms do not fit. When I gain fat, it always hits my hips, lower abdomen, thighs, and rear. Always. If it isn’t stretchy material; it isn’t going over the hips. And I’m ok with that. My body housed a child! Of course, it is going to be different. I will obviously start working out again once cleared by the midwives. (Hopefully, tomorrow.) Even with exercise, my body will never be quite the same. I exercise to be healthy; not to be a certain body weight or type. I think that is the first step to total commitment to fitness.

I am excited to start my healthy lifestyle again. I enjoyed lifting weights and going for runs. Now, I have another little partner. (Actually, he is 8lbs 8oz. He is already shaping up my arms again. Haha!)


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