Maternity Leave?

Hey y’all! As you probably guessed with my week long absence, I gave birth to our son. He was born at the birth center on the beautiful morning of September 11 at 9:59. His due date was changed from the 12th to the 11th after a second trimester ultrasound showed him developing a week behind my pregnancy measurements. (Because most midwives do not perform a third trimester ultrasound, we do not know when, but he obviously caught up on the growth curve…& then some.) He was 8lbs 6oz and 19.5 inches long. Bigger than his Big Sister, who was born at almost 36 weeks weighing in at 6lbs 4oz and 18.5 inches long. I find it comical that he waited precisely on his due date, which happens only 5% of the time. The birth experience itself was comical and so much more. That deserves its own separate post though.

I have to say, we are all just smitten with him, especially his Big Sister. She has taken possession of him, always calling him “MY baby brother”. She has really come into her big sister role and helps me out by bringing me things, checks on baby brother every time he makes a noise, and lets you know if you are too loud or taking too many pictures. Haha! She went to school two days after his birth and told everyone about her baby brother.

After my 38th week midwife appointment, where I was told that my husband could not be the sole caregiver of our 3 year old while I was in labor; my mother-in-law (MIL) came to stay with us. My MIL was scheduled to come stay with us for two weeks after the baby was born to help me rest until my 2 week post-partum appointment. The midwives were certain I would go into labor any day. A week later at my 39th week appointment, with the same midwife who angered me the previous week, performed a cervical check. She was positive I would be coming in that evening or next morning to give birth. That didn’t happen. I felt like that week had been somewhat wasted, because I could handle my daughter while pregnant, just not so much afterwards. I knew this was cutting into my post-partum recovery time. (Although, we did have a great time making memories and celebrating my MIL’s birthday.)

So now a week post-partum, my MIL had to leave to go back to her responsibilities in Alabama, like her job and husband. While I am not supposed to be lifting anything heavier than the baby or driving, I will be. (So, watch out Savannah! Hormonal, post-partum, sleep deprived lady will be on the loose.) Today marked the first day I was “the adult” in the house. Or the main mom in charge. Haha! It was a great day though!

My loving husband has been referring to me as the “food truck” and I’m being summoned. 🙂  Then it is bed for this mommy of two.

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