A Break On Labor Day

I decided to write up a quick post since I will be taking tomorrow off. My mother-in-law’s birthday is tomorrow! I will be taking the evening off from blogging to spend time with her, the husband, and kiddo. Just being in the moment and present with one another.

I noticed today marks one year since I began blogging. Happy 1st Year Anniversary Quasi Chaotic Notions! I cannot thank my readers and followers enough. I didn’t expect the response I’ve received when I began the blog. Y’all are awesome!

I was on Pinterest and found this cute courtesy announcement. I thought I would post it here for any of y’all or my friends and family on Facebook that may want to use it too.


While I think social media can be a great way to keep in touch with family and friends, it can have some drawbacks too. We need to remember to be respectful and mindful about what we post and share about one another. I thought this announcement was a nice way to remind our excited loved ones to be mindful about “breaking the news” about the baby’s arrival before we have announced it on social media.

I know we have gone back and forth on how and when we want to share the news of our baby’s arrival. We’ve been leaning towards keeping it between us until we get settled in at home. Because we are using a birth center, I will be coming home a few hours after the birth (as long as everything is normal). During that time, it will be difficult taking phone calls, responding to texts, and social media. We will want to use those hours to bond and take in the moment with our new addition and to get adjusted at home. I think we will decide on when to share the news depending on how we feel in the moment.

Until then, it is a waiting game.

Everyone have a great Labor Day!

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