Rain & Wind

I almost forgot to blog tonight! My husband had the day off due to tropical storm Hermine. That has thrown off my days! I keep thinking it is Saturday. The storm was not bad at all. We’ve had worse afternoon storms. We had some wind and rain. There were some parts of Savannah that was hit harder though with downed trees, wind damage, and flooding.

A huge thank you to my friends back home! I received so many nice messages and texts checking in on us during the storm. Y’all have no idea how much that means to me!

I guess it was a disappointment for the baby, because he decided to stay in the womb. So far…I’m still having Braxton-Hicks Contractions when I do things and lower back aches. This morning I woke up not feeling so well, but after breakfast, some water, and a shower; I began to feel better.


Our daughter is loving having her Nana stay with us until the baby is born. We are so grateful for Nana too. I think everyone is anxious for the baby to make his appearance. We all just want to meet him! His big sister included. Everyday she comes up with something new she is going to teach him. It is just too precious and melts my heart.

Tomorrow my Auburn Tigers play Clemson. I’m sad that none of my Auburn clothes will fit me. How will I represent my team?! 😦   I hate I will be unable to attend a game this season. However, I am excited for football season.

If I am to stay up to watch the game tomorrow night; I better hit the hay. I hope everyone has a good night!


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