At 38 weeks pregnant, and it being my longest so far…when do you think this baby will come? The midwives all agree I’m a labor ticking time bomb. It could happen at any moment.

I have a few predictions myself…

  1. Thursday afternoon, during my daughter’s gymnastic meet or sitting in interstate traffic.
  2. I could see the baby coming on Friday morning. Why? Oh, because Savannah will be in the middle of a tropical storm, possible hurricane. (I’ll be rowing a boat to the birth center. Good thing Big Sister loves to sing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”.) Haha! It wouldn’t be cool if the on-call midwife is one that lives on the islands and couldn’t make it over to the center due to flooding. Also, my daughter has an OT appointment that morning.
  3. Saturday morning, during my hair appointment. I know I would have to tip my stylist extra if my water broke. But I would have amazing hair.
  4. Saturday evening, making me miss the Auburn vs Clemson game. Not that I think I could stay up until 9pm to watch it, unless I was in labor. I get so worked up watching a game, the labor could be quick though.
  5. On Labor Day, when the birth center is closed. Obviously, a midwife will be on-call; but it wouldn’t be the best timing.

Basically, labor occurring is highest during the most inconvenient times. Our daughter came on the morning of my husband’s MBA graduation ceremony. (Good thing he planned on not walking for his diploma.) Why change the usual though?

I was so stressed about the two midwives’ wishes of a non-parental child provider present, the husband and I decided to ask his mom, my mother-in-law, to come stay with us until the baby makes his debut. We really do not think it will be that long of a wait. She was already coming right after his birth to help take me, our daughter, and baby to all of our appointments. My stress level has come down now. Actually, it will be nice showing her around and our schedule to keep our daughter’s life as normal as possible during the big baby change. I am incredibly thankful for my mother-in-law’s flexibility to come help us. She said her work is unusually slow, so it seems to be prime opportunity. Plus, our kiddo loves to hang out with her Nana. 🙂


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