Sleep? What’s that?

It wasn’t to be had last night. After gymnastics, my daughter began complaining that her tummy hurt. She didn’t eat her snack on the way to gymnastics, then guzzled her water afterwards. I figured she overheated on an empty stomach. As soon as I got her out of the car, she vomited all the water onto our ‘welcome’ mat. I had her lay down on the couch with cool, wet cloths on her head and neck. I quickly prepared supper, turkey dogs with chili. She ate a hotdog, cheese stick, and some bun. She guzzled more water. We begin her bedtime routine around 7 to have her in bed by 7:30. I was feeling extremely tired too. I told husband I was laying in bed after tucking her in. He thought it was a great idea for us. The kiddo has been getting out of bed using potty excuses, although clearly not needing to potty. We told last night, if she needed to throw up, to use a bowl I put by her bed, then come get us. Within a hour and a half, she falsely got out of bed three times complaining of needing to potty. She has never gotten out of bed before, ever. She has called out to us crying; but always stayed in bed. Until recently, that is. We went to bed before 10. At 11, I heard “mommy” and our door rattling. I came to her at our door and she said I threw up. And yes, she did. All over her comforter. She tried hard to get out of bed and get to the bowl. I cleaned her up, stripped the bed, and we put her back. I knew then it was going to be a long night. Within 40 minutes, she came back to our door. Sick again. The thing is, no fever, no diarrhea, no other symptoms. This happened every 30 minutes. I found out the hard way, we really need to invest in some more sheets and washable blankets for her. I told the husband that I thought someone needed to stay with her. She has an inflatable bed. So, I suggested that I would go downstairs to sleep on the couch and she would sleep on her inflatable. We would run back and forth to the bathroom, while he slept. He had to work this morning. He didn’t like that idea because I am pregnant and needed sleep too. Plus, because of all the bed changing and moving, I was beginning to have contractions.

Y’all, my husband is selfless! He slept on our daughter’s bed, while she slept on her inflatable. She thought it was a blast, even with the vomiting. Her bed is full sized, but his feet still hang off. He knew he wasn’t going to get much sleep, but still sacrificed so I could get a little. I laid in our bed having contractions for the next hour. For about 20 minutes, I thought I was going to have to wake him up and call the midwife. Luckily, the contractions eased up and began spacing out. Our daughter’s vomiting spaced out too. Around 4:30am, they came and got me because she became sick again. He said he thought she was having acid reflux. She complains that her tummy hurts, but rubs her chest area. And she has these random vomiting spells without any other symptoms every so often. I gave her a quarter Tums, she didn’t vomit anymore. They slept until 7. They had dentist appointments this morning too. I drove our daughter and my husband drove himself, so he could go to work afterwards. She ate some oatmeal, said she felt fine. Until we were coming back home. I gave her the vomit bowl just in case…and thank goodness I did. The oatmeal came up. I figured being inverted on the dentist chair so soon after breakfast on a sensitive tummy made her sick. She didn’t become sick again, but was tired.

My husband did say she snuggled up in bed with him a few times. And that she quietly talks to herself off and on. She told me this morning that Daddy talks in his sleep. (He really does!) So, it was pretty cute. I feel so blessed to have a husband that thinks of me and our daughter, more than himself. He even brought home Olive Garden for supper, because he knew how tired I would be. He brought me pumpkin cheesecake too.

I love to watch him interact with our daughter. He is such a big tough guy on the exterior, but a total softy when it comes to our daughter…and me sometimes. I thank God for providing me with such a loving husband and our daughter with an amazing father. I can’t wait to see him with both of our kids. I loved my husband before we had our daughter; but my love was re-confirmed while going through labor. He supported, encouraged, and fought for me during labor. Then, he immediately filled the daddy role by helping any chance he could. I cannot wait to have his support and encourage in labor again, with our daughter. And I cannot wait to watch him be a daddy to our big girl and baby boy.

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