I made it!


I am finally considered “full term” to deliver at the birth center with the midwives! Whoop whoop! (If I went into labor before, I would have been transferred to the local hospital.) This is also the longest I’ve been pregnant. With my daughter, I was 35 weeks and a few days when I delivered her. I had a 36 week appointment to do my labs that Friday morning, although I wasn’t considered 36 weeks until that Monday morning. Little did I know, they changed my due date twice on the OB office paperwork; but never informed me. The last due date was May 22nd, not the June 2nd I was told. Per hospital policy, my daughter was supposed to go straight to NICU after delivery; however, due to the last due date change, she was considered full term. I was able to hold her for a few moments, until I began hemorrhaging.

Technically, 38-40 weeks is considered a full term pregnancy. Because due dates are estimates, unless you know the exact date of conception, they vary by a week or two. In some parts of Europe, the OB or midwife doesn’t give an actual date; but tell you a month. Personally, I would like that better. I think people, doctors included, become fixated on the actual date. Then premature decisions tend to be made on the delivery.

My midwife appointment isn’t until Thursday. Every morning when I wake up, I’m like “Hey, I made it through another night! Let’s see if I make through the day.” I am waking up about 4 times during the night to potty, my hips and lower back constantly ache, and I lack a bladder these days. Just when I don’t think this baby could drop any lower, he some how does.

I am ready for the baby though. I have all of our bags packed, which is more than last time. Haha! So, when he does decide to come; we are ready as we ever will be.




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