DIY Nautical Mobile

I promised a tutorial of sorts for the nautical mobile I made for the baby. His nursery is a nautical theme since we live on the coast. I decided on navy blue and medium gray as the main colors, but added natural wooden elements, creamy whites, and just a hint of red as accent colors. A couple of months ago, I needed to run into a craft store to buy a few fun summer camp activity supplies for the daughter. While there, the store had a bin fill of little wooden nautical cut outs on sale. I knew they would be perfect for a mobile. I’m hanging the mobile over the changing table instead of the crib just in case it fell for whatever reason.


All of the supplies. I would suggest to go ahead and invest in a hot glue gun. The glue dries so fast, that it holds the wooden dowels easier for wrapping the rope around.


I am an intense crafter. Haha! I was losing my patience with the wood glue too.


Still waiting on that wood glue. I even used a blow dryer to speed up the process. I only needed the glue to be tacky enough to hold the dowels while I tightly wrapped the rope around.


Wrapping the rope. This stuff was messy and shed all over.



After I wrapped the rope, I needed to glue the end. Again, hot glue gun next time. I used this super super glue, and it still took forever. Plus, I had to hold the end down with the end of my scissors. The fibrous rope soaked up the super glue.


Determining the length to hang the wooden cut outs. I knew I wanted the length to be a little longer, since it would be hanging from the ceiling over the changing table.


After opening the wooden cut outs, I decided a few of them needed painting to match the nursery coloring and to balance the coloration of the mobile.


I painted one package of the whales and one package of the anchors. (See my green smoothie there. That’s my secret to healthy weight gain during this pregnancy. I pick 2 fruits, a handful of spinach, and greek yogurt. Blend and pour over ice.)


The end result! I kept a small loop on the top knot to slide some fishing line through. That’s how I will hang it over the changing table. I used a “command hook” on the ceiling for the actual hanger. I also used a dab of hot glue over each dowel end to cap off, so the rope and cut outs couldn’t slide off.


Another project I did (with the help of Big Sister) for the nursery, while doing the mobile. I love to multi-task. I used Big Sister’s feet for part of the anchor. I used two different sized cups to dip in red and blue paint to press onto the canvas. I used a black Sharpie for the lettering. Helping with the projects and decorating the nursery has really made her feel important in being a big sister. She is super excited to meet her little brother and show him everything.


This is yet another little project I made for the nursery. In the South, we love initials/ monograms. I had to include that somewhere. I painted the canvas and hot glued the wooden letters onto the canvas. I used a lot of hot glue too. Haha!

The walls of the nursery is a linen/light oatmeal color. We rent the house, and while I think the landlord would have allowed us to paint; we didn’t want to put forth the effort. We ordered an oatmeal colored rocker chair too. The crib and changing table are hand-me-downs from Big Sister. I used a navy and gray crib skirt, white sheet, and grey breathable bumpers to add some masculinity. There is one window that I covered with a navy curtain. I used gray and blue whale print changing table pad cover too. I had an awesome coupon from Kohls that allowed me to buy a $100 storage drawer table for $35. The canvas drawers are gray within the white table. I have a tiny table lamp that is a starfish on a wooden base with a linen square lamp shade. This area will be my breastfeeding/pumping area. I am really pleased with how the nursery turned out. And we were able to do it on a great budget.

I have material to make a baby blanket too. I was hoping to do it this weekend, but so far, I haven’t felt like messing with the sewing machine. I really need to practice my sewing skills. I have grey minky material and a white cotton with blue anchors and red chain design material. I need to iron the materials, cut them to the size I wanted the blanket, and sew them together. It would probably take a normal person 30 minutes to do, but I’m sure it would take me much longer. I’m not normal.


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