I’m Too Pregnant For This

Good grief, y’all! I’m not sure what was going on with the laptop and internet Monday evening. I was typing away and the internet (just to the laptop) zapped out. My husband, who can generally figure out any technology mishap with enough threats and cussing, was unable to fix the issue quick enough for this exhausted preggo. Ten minutes after I posted my other message from my phone, he fixed the issue. I was headed to bed. I think he was ready to go to war with the laptop. Haha! He wasn’t going to allow technology to defeat him. I’m more of a grouchy 90 yr old when it come to technology. (Ah, computers melt your brain!) Alas, I am back though! I did lose a good portion of my post though.

I was one busy gal on Monday, Tuesday, and today. Monday, the kiddo had an OT appointment, which turned into a surprise evaluation. The nearest age to base her development/milestones from was 42 months (3.5 yrs), although she is only 39 months (3 yrs and 3 months). She is still scoring within the minor SPD limits for social (interaction with same age), fine motor (grasp/writing), and behavioral (focus/impulse control) skills. She vastly improved in gross motor skills. Last year, she scored within average SPD limits for gross motor (extremely clumsy/ unaware of body position); today she scored within normal levels for 42 months. She is above average for her age group! This is exactly why I encourage her participation in gymnastics. (It is also why I am so heartbroken over her coach not being more understanding of SPD. Gymnastics has been great for her.) She continues to score above average within her same age group for intellectual categories, especially communication and cognition. I had to fill out a questionnaire pertaining to home behavior. I could see where she has had some of the SPD aversions early on. She has always been sensitive to noise (Changing her in public bathrooms were always a feat because the hand dryers and toilets were too loud and scared her. She would cry, cling to me, and wiggle around.), disliking messy hands, feet, and face, enjoyed playing by herself, extremely active, clumsy on the playground/delayed walker, and a sudden picky eater. Now, she will use the hand dryer herself (after a little encouragement from me), the flushing sound doesn’t seem to bother her, her balance and coordination has improved greatly, and the picky eating isn’t as bad (could be better though). She still prefers to play by herself and extraordinarily active. Because she is so active, she has a hard time sitting still or standing in line to wait her turn. She becomes so excited about the activity, that she has a difficult time controlling her impulses. As she matures with age, she will learn how to control the impulses and excitement. However, she may always have food texture aversions, be introverted, seem OCD about cleanliness, and be an active individual. Instead of thinking of her aversions as stumbling blocks, I work with her to overcome the challenge. It is a teaching moment each time.

I made a personal goal to finish a new décor piece for the baby’s nursery on Monday too. I am waiting on my hot glue gun to come in the mail, so I can glue the letters on. I need to glue the ends of my changing table mobile too. I don’t want any of the pieces to fall off and hit the baby. (Today’s post was supposed to show you the process of the mobile. Maybe I can do that Friday instead.)

Yesterday, I had my 36 week midwife appointment. I am going every week now, just in case pre-term labor appears. Honestly, the midwife yesterday grated on my nerves. I’ve met with her once before and wasn’t overly impressed with her. I mean, it isn’t like I didn’t like her; but I enjoy the other two more. I still have to meet one other, but that probably won’t happen unless she is the one on call. The midwife yesterday just didn’t seem to have it together, pertaining to my file. At my 35th week appointment I had all of my 36th week labs ran, just in case. The midwife was ready to perform all of those tests again. It was evident she hadn’t read my file at all. What really annoyed me, was she continued to suggest that I not include my daughter with the birth. That I should have a family member, friend, or sitter to watch her either at the center or bring her by right before delivery. At the last appointment, in June, she asked my plans for my daughter during delivery. I explained to her that we do not have family near by, we just changed churches (so our “friends” have disappeared), we are navigating new waters with a SPD diagnosis with our daughter, and while our sitter is amazing; she is too young to drive and in high school. I would feel uncomfortable asking her to babysit at the center or late at night when she needs to be sleeping for high school. So, here I am having to explain this yet again. The midwife even suggested that I still have a month to go, maybe make a friend by then. Highly agitated, I simply said no, a month is not enough time for me to trust someone to leave my child with while I labor. I would be more comfortable having my husband sit with her in the lobby and I labor alone. I think she picked up on the annoyance because she quickly moved on to checking the baby. Which brought more agitation. The previous two midwives have determined the baby is in proper birthing position. Actually, last week, the midwife was so concerned with him being so low; that she didn’t want any internal or cervical checks to be done until after 37 weeks. Not this midwife. She insisted to internally check me to make sure the baby’s head is down. (Considering I pee every 15 minutes, I know where the baby’s head is…on my bladder!) Guess what she determined…the baby’s head is on my bladder. I felt she was being passive aggressive about the childcare and checking the baby’s position. I cannot stand that type of behavior. If someone continues to say the previous two midwives checked the positioning and the last midwife was uncomfortable doing an internal check…then fricking lay off asking, commenting, and making me feel like I am being uncooperative. I was ready for that appointment to end. It was during the middle of the kiddo’s nap (& my nap, so I was tired) and I really wanted it to be quick. Also, I found out I tested positive for Group B, which means I have to have the IV of antibiotics during labor. Not happy about that either.

Today, was the kiddo’s first day at her new pre-school. I’ve been so nervous and emotional about it. The experience with her previous pre-school really amped up my distrust. The teacher said she did well. She came out singing and happy. I think this smaller and consistent class environment will fit with her better. It was nice having a few hours to myself though. I am supposed to be resting and keeping activities light until after my 37th week, but that is hard with a toddler. Speaking of, I need to be getting ready for bed. Tomorrow is pre-school and gymnastics. I hope gymnastics goes better.


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