If you know anything about me, it would probably be that I love horses. Obviously, I’ve been glued to my television watching the equestrian portion of the Olympics. My amazing husband found the NBC app on our tv, so I can watch the equestrian events on demand. I was slightly disappointed when I realized I forgot to DVR the live portion of the cross country (CC) event this morning. I had my 35 week midwife appointment right after the start of the CC event. The appointment ran late and I missed the majority of the event. It didn’t help that all of my equestrian friends and equestrian groups I follow continued to post updates/spoiler alerts on how epic the course and event was going. After my appointment, I couldn’t wait to get home to watch some of it. However, my child had other plans. How do I know I’m an awesome mom? I watched Paw Patrol with the kid, instead of telling her no and watching the CC events. She behaved so well at the midwife appointment, that I felt inclined to reward her by allowing her to watch Paw Patrol until nap. As soon as it was over, she stood up and declared it was naptime. Then, I had to make the decision to “on demand” the CC event during nap or actually take a nap. My body made that decision for me. I was jolted awake by my “naptime over” alarm. (This is the second time in a week that I’ve sat on the couch to watch tv, yet unknowingly fell asleep instead.) I’ve noticed my energy level has dropped since my 32 week appointment. I’ve also noticed more muscle/joint discomforts and Braxton-Hicks contractions (BHC).

How did my appointment go today? Overall, very well. I had a 35 week appointment instead of a 36 week, because I went into labor at 36 weeks last time. Because of my previous pre-term labor, I’ve had to stick to some preventive guidelines. No traveling more than 3 hours after 30 weeks, drinking 1 cup of water a hour, resting every couple of hours (especially if BHC happens). Fairly typical stuff. Today, my appointment included my Group B Strep test, a hemoglobin test, and a gentle cervical check. The hemoglobin test resulted in a prescription for iron…sarcastic yay! The cervical check was just to look to make sure there is no dilation. My midwife didn’t want to do a typical hand check, just in case my cervix has shorten (the baby has dropped into birthing position) and accidently opening the cervix. I was A-Okay with that. We want this kiddo to bake as close to the due date as possible. I’ve also had BHCs fairly often, again making her more cautious with the check. My guidelines have been adjusted to laying down as soon as BHCs are felt, drinking 96 oz of water daily, taking my iron supplements, absolutely no activities that could cause cervical dilation, and taking it a little easier during the hottest part of the day. I also have weekly appointments until delivery.

Overall, not that bad. I just have to stay in tuned with my body and baby during our busy schedule coming up. Now, I am going to mentally check out while watching the CC event.


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