I have the Olympic opening ceremony on in the background. All I can think of is: Can we just skip ahead to the equestrian events now?! (I wonder where my child gets her impatience from.) She is excited to watch the gymnastics portion. I’ll most likely DVR it for her. She loves watching the older girls practice at the gym. She’ll come home and try to mimic their movements. It’s pretty darn precious!

Tomorrow is my maternity photo session. Eek! So much excitement! I wanted to have the pictures taken at the beach; however, it is too dang hot for that. We decided to have them taken at the botanical gardens instead. It is closer for us, we can do the session in the morning, and I love floral backgrounds. Unfortunately, I already had our outfits purchased for the beach theme. I’m afraid our clothing may clash with the floral atmosphere. At the same time, we are on the coast, the soil is very sandy and areas are marshy too. I’m just hoping the kiddo cooperates. She isn’t big on photos. We’ve worked with this photographer several times now, and she is always able to grab the kiddo’s attention with smiles.

In preparation, I gave mini-me a pedicure. I knew it would help her accept me leaving to have a well deserved mani/pedi during her nap. Of course, her naptime is my naptime too. I thoroughly enjoyed my mani/pedi, but I regret missing my nap right now. I probably need to be asleep because I need to wake up early to get myself and the family ready for the pictures.

I have a feeling this weekend is going to fly by with all of our activities planned. Then Monday is my 35th week check up with my midwife. I was hoping to leave the kid with the babysitter; but she began school this week. We’re kinda sad about that. We love our babysitter. Soon, my kid will start PK3! I had her new backpack embroidered this morning. We were able to watch the giant embroidery machine work, and both were mesmerized. I totally want one even more, not on the level I experienced today. I just want to embroider on a smaller level, like shirts or blankets. One day maybe!

I believe I have you up to date on my thoughts. Well, I want some chocolate ice cream in a cup of milk and go to bed. Now, you are up to date. Haha! Have an awesome weekend, friends!

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