Ouchy Muscles!

“Oh! The pain, Kayleigh…THE PAAAAIIIIN!”

The above quote was coined by my best friend in high school after she spent the day with me at a horse barn I spent my Saturdays working and riding. She told me she was a little sore on Sunday, but Monday morning, she was in epic total body muscle soreness pain. The quote stuck and I’ve forever thought of that moment when I wake up with total body muscle soreness. Which brings me to this morning, so many years later. Although I was incredibility tired last night, I woke up several times with total muscle soreness. There isn’t a single muscle in my body that doesn’t ache right now. If I wasn’t pregnant, I would be taking some Tylenol and drinking plenty of aminos. Why so sore? Let me fill you in…

Yesterday, I signed the kiddo and I up for Toddler Tuesdays at Oatland Wildlife Center. Oatland is a wildlife animal sanctuary and rehabilitation center. Basically, the animals that can, receive some rehab, and are released back into the wild. However, some animals are so badly injured, even with rehab; they cannot make it on their own. For instance, the owl we studied yesterday was missing his top beak. Thursday is International Owl Awareness Day, so the theme was owls. We love owls! Toddler Tuesdays is a great little educational program, where toddlers and parent(s) learn about a specific animal through song, games, story time, arts, and sometimes seeing the animal. We attended the turtle themed day at the beginning of summer and my daughter had a sensory meltdown of epic proportions. It was bad. I decided since we had two months of therapy since then, maybe we would be better behaved. My word, she was a totally different child! She participated in song and dance, sat still for the story, did the craft, and listened to the wildlife biologist’s instructions not to touch the owl, just look. Then we walked around the park to pet the barnyard animals, look at the bison, and check out the wolf pups that will be released in a few weeks. I knew all of that walking and lifting the kiddo to look would cause my hips and back to be sore. Then yesterday evening, I found out her gymnastics class isn’t just for her. It is a “Mommy & Me” styled class. At 34/35 weeks pregnant, I did not need to be lifting, chasing, and gymnastics-ing her. I was already worn out from Oatland. So, I am in pain today…my whole body hurts. Thankfully, I was able to explain to the gym that I was not informed that class was a parent participation based class, and obviously I cannot do that. We have her switched to a more advanced class where the coaches will be instructing her and I will be taking videos and pictures. I could tell during the class she knew most of the moves and was becoming bored waiting on the much younger and smaller kids to finish their turn.

Now, I have to redo my entire August calendar; but at least I don’t have to participate in gymnastics class. That would definitely bring the baby on much quicker. I am hoping to wake up in the morning feeling much less sore. I’m unsure after bringing in 9 boxes of baby items ordered from our registry though. I apologize UPS carrier and USPS carrier for the insane amount of packages you’ve had to deliver today. We decided to buy all the necessary items for the baby off our registry, so we will be better prepared than we were last time.

I still have the Amazon registry available with items on there that we deemed not as necessary as the items we ordered. In other words, we would like the left over items; but they aren’t pertinent to the first few months of baby’s life. (IE: toys, clothing, extra items, etc.) So, if you are like me, and you’ve been meaning to buy a gift but keep forgetting; I still have the Amazon registry up (just search my name) and order from there. Just a week ago, I ordered a baby gift for a friend who is due this month. I am bad about putting stuff off or forgetting to do it. 🙂


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